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Teaching Ideas
compiled by Angela Colliver


Our marine and coastal environments are homes to a vast array of unique animals and plants. Some of them threatened and endangered. these places are learning grounds and prime sites for the development of understandings and values about threatened and endangered particular the Sawfish, and the need to use our marine and coastal environments wisely, to protect the animals and habitats that live there.

How to use this resource

The activities within this resource can support teachers during Seaweek 2008:

  • When planning learning activities which focus on threatened species in marine and coastal environments
  • To give students opportunities to explore threatened species, in particular the Sawfish and the current ways we use, value and manage catchments, waterways and coastal and marine environments
  • To take an active role in teaching about threatened species
  • To contribute to the responsible development of our future citizens and the relationship with marine and coastal environments
  • To empower students to take positive action for sustainable futures and to support the principles of sustainability.

You can use this resource to plan, provoke, stimulate, support and inspire your teaching and learning program.

Please note that activities separated into Key Learning Areas and activities have been linked to grade levels using indicators such as
(4-6) or (6-10).

Ideas for the Arts (Year levels 2 - 8)    html    pdf

Ideas for English (Year levels P - 10)    html    pdf

Ideas for Phys Ed & Health (Year levels P - 10)    html    pdf

Ideas for Science & Technology (Year levels 5 - 10)    html    pdf

Ideas for SOSE (Year levels 4 - 7)    html    pdf

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Teaching Ideas
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