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Other Threatened Species

Southern Australia

Hooded Plover
Each spring and summer our ocean beaches become the nesting grounds of a threatened bird – the Hooded Plover.

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New South Wales

Grey Nurse Shark
Grey Nurse Sharks are arguably our most deceptive species of shark. With their protruding rows of teeth and their massive size, they have invoked fear in the hearts of many. Fortunately for us, they’re actually one of the more gentle giants of the shark world.

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Some Threatened Species of the Great Barrier Reef

Black manta ray


South Australia

Western Blue Groper
n South Australia, "Western blue gropers used to be common throughout Investigator Strait, and on the southern coast of Yorke Peninsula, but adults have not been seen on southern Yorke Peninsula since the 1960s when they were fished out."

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Harlequin Fish
Unfortunately these striking fish are a prized ‘trophy fish’ for fishing competitions and presently there are no restrictions on size, bag or boat limits for this species.

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Adult Western Blue Groper

Harlequin fish



Spotted Handfish
Protected in Tasmania since 1994, the spotted handfish has the dubious distinction of becoming the first marine fish to be listed as endangered under the Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act in 1996.

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Spotted Handfish


Grey Nurse Shark
It is also known as the sand tiger shark or spotted ragged-tooth shark. The east coast populationof this shark is listed as critically endangered and the west coast population is listed as vulnerable. This species became the first protected shark in the world when the NSW Government declared it a protected species in 1984. Grey nurse sharks are now protected under fisheries legislation in NSW, Tasmania and Queensland and Western Australia.

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Vic - Seaweek Banner Competition

Your school's task is to design and construct a banner highlighting some aspects of this year's theme relating to threatened Australian marine species.

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Grey Nurse Shark

Western Australia

Western Australia as well as Queensland and the Northern Territory have sawfish around their coastline and northern rivers. In WA, all sawfish are totally protected from recreational and commercial fishing under State legislation. In addition,
the freshwater sawfish is protected under Federal legislation.

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Green sawfish
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