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Information Sheets

Information sheets have been developed to provide a better understanding of sawfish and to support the teaching units. They are available online or in electronic format as a PDF and are free to download (just click on the word "pdf" next to the information sheet's name):

  • About Sawfish    pdf    html
  • Sawfish anatomy html
  • Narrow Sawfish     pdf    html
  • Freshwater Sawfish    pdf    html
  • Green Sawfish    pdf    html
  • Dwarf Sawfish    pdf    html
  • Threats to Sawfish html
  • Western Australian Sawfish pdf
  • From The Gulf to Las Vegas
    (slide show showing how Cairns Marine Aquariums catch live sawfish for export)

Collecting measurements from a mature male Narrow sawfish. The sawfish is being restrained by placing downward and sideways pressure on the two dorsal fins. A common technique used by fishers when handling sawfish and shovelnosed rays. Note the long claspers a characteristic depicting the animal as being male and mature.

Scientific Papers

Northern Australian Sharks & Rays: Determining feasibility of acoustic tag attachment and documenting short-term movements in Pristis zijsron (pdf)

Biology and cultural significance of the freshwater sawfish (Pristis microdon) in the Fitzroy River Kimberley, Western Australia (pdf)

Fish fauna of the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley region of
Western Australia – including the Bunuba, Gooniyandi,
Ngarinyin, Nyikina and Walmajarri Aboriginal names (pdf)

Threatened fishes of the world: Pristis microdon (pdf)

Freshwater Sawfish Pristis microdon in the Kimberley region of Western Australia (pdf)

Sawfishes (Pristidae) from the Queensland Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia: a summary of fishery derived data

Other downloads

Other Threatened Species

Queensland - Dugong, Marine Turtles, Manta Ray

South Aus - Western Blue Groper, Harlequin fish
Tasmania - Spotted Handfish
Victoria - Grey Nurse Shark

Online Resources

Sawfish Survival
Catalyst, ABC TV, 27 September 2007
For the last few years, freshwater biologist Dr Dean Thorburn has been surveying the rivers of Northern Australia to assess our sawfish populations. Includes transcript and video.

Most Commonly Asked Sawfish Questions
Florida Museum of Natural History.

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