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Some Threatened Species of the Great Barrier Reef
Manta Ray
Source: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

.The Manta Ray is the largest member of the stingray family, growing to a width of over seven meters. These gentle giants feed almost exclusively on plankton, which they filter from the water.

They pose no threat to humans although they are under threat from accidental capture in nets, habitat disturbance and degradation of water quality.

Manta ray

What we can do:

  • Gaining an understanding of these magnificent animals is paramount to promoting their conservation. By teaching members of the community of all ages about this unique creature, people will react if the feel manta rays are being threatened.

If you see these gentle giants of the Great Barrier Reef, do not approach them. Rather, stay a safe distance away so that you do not disturb them.

Black Manta ray
Images courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef
Marine Park Authority

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