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Seaweek 2008 Sponsors
Cairns Marine Aquarium Fish

Cairns Marine is Australia’s largest supplier of marine ornamental specimens, servicing domestic retail outlets; and wholesalers and public aquaria worldwide.


Cairns Marine is a family business that has specialised in the collection and caring of marine animals for the purpose of education, awareness and conservation since 1964.

We are one of just a handful of companies in the world that is capable of completing initial stocking of a large public aquarium.

Whilst the majority of specimens are collected on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, Cairns Marine has collected juvenile sawfish under permit from tidal waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria since 1998


In this time, we have exported these species primarily to aquaria in the United States but also to Europe and Asia, where about 60 million visitors are able to witness them and to learn about them annually.

In addition, some of these specimens have been integral to captive propagation programs in commercial aquariums. Such programs assist species recovery and survival.

Sign advertsing Sawfish display in Las Vegas

Taking measurements of a sawfish

As the only company capable of collecting these animals from remote and inhospitable habitats and maintaining them in premium condition, Cairns Marine has been well placed to facilitate and assist with research into these uniquely evolved animals both in the field and at our custom built holding and husbandry facility.

Cairns Marine has a long standing collaborative research relationship with Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and has provided assistance to PhD researchers from the University of Queensland.

A holding pen

Visit the Cairns Marine website.


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