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About Us

Company Ethos

We are a “bottom up” organisation, in that our ideas and projects emanate from ordinary residents and community members of our region and are carried out by the company.

The Region

The Northern Gulf NRM region covers approximately 198,000 km², an area about 3 times the size of Tasmania. The Northern Gulf’s natural resources provide substantial economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits for the people of the region and beyond by supporting grazing, fishing, horticulture, mining and tourism industries and a resident population of about 9,500 people.



Major projects include:

  • The award winning Carpentaria Ghost Nets programme – clearing the gulf shores of ghost nets and marine debris by engaging indigenous rangers throughout the region
  • Pingers – the manufacture, distribution and maintenance of acoustic alarms for the Gulf of Carpentaria commercial fishers
  • Sawfish - Development of a Gulf community based natural resource monitoring program, with sawfish as an initial focus
  • Regional Mapping Programme – improving access to natural resource spatial information and technologies to assist stakeholders in best practice decision making
  • Biodiversity Devolved Grant – providing seed funding for projects that look after endangered and threatened vegetation types and animals
  • Mitchell River Watershed Management Group Healthy Catchment Arrangements – improving the environmental, economic and social capacity of the Mitchell River community
  • Northern Gulf Indigenous Savannah Group – a focus on on-ground works achievable by Indigenous Communities including Indigenous mapping to record and archive cultural sites of significance, and the collection of Indigenous knowledge
  • Rangelands Fire Management - Provide baseline fire history information across much of the state at a 1:250,000 scale and provide statewide focus on improving regional fire management practices
  • Ecobeef – Demonstrating economically and ecologically sustainable beef production in Northern Savannahs
  • Biodiversity Management and Condition Assessment – Identifying patterns in the species and landscapes of the Northern Gulf and determining relationships between land management, land condition and biodiversity health
  • Grazing Trailblazers – encourage young people in the region to be actively involved in their rural community and grazing community’s future
  • Other projects involve research into fish fauna, recreational fishing practices, inventory of freshwater habitats, outback links for schools, assessment of riparian habitat condition, water quality, weed eradication, gully erosion and aquatic biodiversity

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