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Exploring Preferred Futures for Marine and Coastal Environments

Sample Unit Sequence and Activity Ideas: Inquiry Learning


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Investigate how the media works to influence how we see the world
Ask students to analyse images, headlines and articles that appear in environmental sections of newspapers about emissions of carbon pollution and greenhouse gases. (If access to environmental magazines is available substitute for newspapers. For example The Bulletin; Australian Geographic; New Scientist; Scientific American; Habitat Australia or Business Review Weekly).

Build up a table that records the following data:

What kinds of images are on the front covers?
What topics feature in the main articles?
What type of language features in the headlines?

Encourage students to compare and contrast their analyses with each other.

Ask students:

What do you think the newspaper/magazine writer has in mind when he / she selects images?
What are the photos designed to do?
How do they affect the way we read the news and think and feel about the environmental issues in the stories?

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