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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

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An Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

Estuarine crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus, are found in the northern parts of Australia. We will take a look at the situation in north Queensland, where crocodiles are managed to ensure their conservation and also public safety.

Educating the community is a vital part of crocodile management because in 'croc country', where ever crocs and people interact, highly contentious issues of human safety and crocodile conservation arise. This kit aims to present all sides of the debate, to assist students to understand and make informed decisions about crocodile issues.

The activities in the kit were devised by practising teachers and the resource materials developed with assistance from QPWS rangers and researchers. The draft kits were trialed in primary schools by MESA members who are also practising teachers.

This package has been funded by Coastcare and produced by the Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) and the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) with the aim of promoting safe living with crocodiles.

Baby crocodile

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