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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7



Education Kit
Information Sheets written by Julie Swartz
Teachers' guide and activities written by Paul Simmons with contributions from Jodie Plecas and Sandy McKendrick (Activity 9)
Edited by Julie Swartz
Illustrations by Noel Christaudo, Urrnu, Amanda Page, Daryl Donnelly and the Lockhart River Art Gang
Graphic Design by Amanda Page
Webdesign by Peter Biro, BriTer Solutions

Written and directed by Julie Swartz

This package has been funded by Coastcare and produced by the Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) and the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ) with the aim of promoting safe living with crocodiles.

2000 © Marine Education Society of Australasia, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, 2000
Opinions expressed in the Crocodile Education Kit and video are not necessarily those of MESA or WPSQ. While all efforts have been taken to verify facts, MESA and WPSQ take no responsibility for the accuracy of information supplied in this kit. The material in this kit may be reproduced for educational purposes.

Thankyou to the teachers who trialed this kit and provided valuable feedback on the first draft. Thankyou to the members of MESA, WPSQ and the Herpetological Society of FNQ who assisted in the development of this project. Thankyou to QPWS staff (Northern Region) for advice, information and assistance throughout the project.

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Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld 

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