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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

What you need
  Croc Farming Information Sheet (class set)
  art paper, coloured pencils, oil based crayons
  food dye
Activities for
Summary   KLAs
a Flow Chart Read text, construct flow chart illustrating stages in farming crocs English SoSE
b Discussion Discuss issues related to mass farming in commercial of crocs English SoSE
c Textures Construct croc skin products Visual Arts
Information sheet - Explanation of processes involved in commercial farming of crocs
What you do

a) Flow Chart

  • Read the croc farming Information Sheet as a class. Brainstorm to make a list of the procedures that are involved in farming a croc from an egg to the production of a croc hat band or croc skin shoe.

  • Working in small groups, ask students to illustrate each step of the procedure and to make labels for each.

  • Put each illustration into a box and connect the boxes with arrows to form a flow chart. See example. Display the flow charts around the classroom.

flow chart

b) Discussion

  • Discuss the various views that people such as animal liberationists and croc skin wearers might have about farming crocs.
  • In small groups, ask students to discuss a statement such as 'Some practices in farming crocs are cruel' and to list reasons for and against the statement.
  • As a whole class ask each group to present their ideas. Record all responses for the class to view.
  • To follow up this activity, discuss what information would be required to make an informed judgement on these issues. Help students to research this information to clarify their ideas.

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