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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

What you need
  Crocs on show Information Sheet (class set)
  Worksheet: Survey (class set)
  art paper, coloured pencils, oil based crayons
  samples of tourist information brochures
Activities for
Summary   KLAs
a Survey Read text, construct and conduct class survey. SoSE
b Discussion Discuss the pros and cons of croc feeding attractions based on photo. English SoSE
c Poetry Construct repeated pattern poem English
d Advertising Design a brochure advertising a croc tourist venue. Visual Arts
Information sheet - Description of croc tourist attractions and results of visitor surveys; brochure illustration
What you do

a) Survey

  • Read the Crocs on Show Information Sheet and discuss the reasons some people enjoy visiting tourist attractions with large crocs on display. Ask students whether they would visit (or have visited) a croc farm.
  • Look at the graphs and ask students to decide if they think that croc farms might be a major attraction for visitors to tropical north Queensland. Discuss how this information was obtained.
  • Propose to the students that they do their own surveys to find out why people visit croc farms. Brainstorm with students to make a list of questions suitable for a survey sheet. Questions should be designed to gather information on whether students have visited croc farms, what they enjoy most/least and whether they agree with having crocs on show for tourists.
  • Make a survey based on the format below to record class results. Ask students to survey other classes, their families and their friends. An example is given in the Worksheet, 'Survey.'
  • Collate the results and ask students to present the results in the form of a maths report with graphs and percentages, etc. You could compare results between students of different grades or adults and students, etc. Discuss the differences you find.

b) Discussion

  • Show the video and look closely at the website for Hartleys Creek Croc Farm.
  • Set up an imaginary perception scale in the classroom and ask students to stand on an imaginary line between the two 'faces' to rate how they feel about your comments such as `croc tourism looks exciting,' 'having crocs on show is great', 'crocs are better off in the wild.'
  • Brainstorm as a whole class to develop a list of emotive words that describe how they feel about the image on the brochure and crocs in general. Collate the words and display around the classroom.

c) Poetry

  • Use the words from the previous activity to construct a repeated pattern poem.
  • State the title in the first and last lines with other lines in the poem containing three descriptive words all starting with the same letter followed by the title word. Poems can have as many lines as you want. For example:
  • Ask students to illustrate their poems and display around the classroom.
prehistoric, powerful, perfect crocs
cold-blooded, carnivorous, cautious crocs
silent, secretive, stealthy crocs
might, marvellous, misunderstood crocs
d) Advertising
  • Read the article, Perils in Paradise, on the Information Sheet and discuss the image of tropical north Queensland that is portrayed here. Brainstorm with students to list the positive and negative aspects of croc tourism.
  • Display a variety of tourist promotional brochuresor websites in the classroom. Discuss the common features and language of the brochures.
  • Ask students to design their own tourist brochure or website for tropical north Queensland and/or croc attractions to 'sell' crocs to tourists.


  • Debate topics such as 'crocs should be kept in captivity,' 'native animals should be tamed as pets.'
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