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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

croc appreciation

Activities for
Summary   KLAs
a Crocodile smile Food web pantomime (outdoors) Drama
b Baby crocodiles Extension craft activity Phys Ed
c Crab pack rap Music extension activity about the crocs environment Music
d Mud slide ride Physically experience being a croc in a mudslide Drama
e Croc shadow puppets Drama extension activity with puppetry Drama Visual Arts
Information Sheet Crab pack rap
What you need
  Croc Features Information Sheet (class set)
  Croc Relationships Information Sheet (class set)
    Croc Appreciation Information Sheet (one per group)
  A hot day, an outside area or under cover area that may get wet
  A plastic blowup infants pool
  A small animal replica like a rubber ducky. [Note: If a different prop is easier to obtain then a different food animal could easily be substituted]
  A towel and a change of clothes for those who wish to participate as crocodile and prey animal.
What you do

a) Crocodile Smile

  • Blow up the pool with air and fill with water (or you can do it without water).
  • Rehearse the cues and responses set out below with students. Read out the cue and ask students to respond as explained.
  • Practise a few times, letting the lead roles change over to enthusiastic understudies Applaud all enactments.
  • Re-read Information Sheet and discuss interrelatedness concepts with students.
  • Discuss what could happen if mangroves were cleared for development.
Cue Response
Shadow pools (timing moderate) All but two children create a mangrove forest by standing loosely around the pool leaving a windy path for the croc to enter through.
Mangrove mist (slow) The forest sings, 'Swiiish, swiiish.' and sways back and forth as if with the wind and waves. Then they go completely quiet.
Mud slide (abrupt) The croc actor tries to wiggle through the forest of mangrove legs on his stomach - down and into the pool - splashing and thrashing
Drifting log (slow) Croc actor then FLOATS completely quietly with EYES CLOSED and nose out of the water. The forest sings - swish, swish
Animal cries (make noises) Another actor holds an animal replica - perhaps a rubber ducky. Ducky is looking for crabs among the mangroves near the edge of the pool
Firey flicker (abrupt) The croc suddenly hears the noisey animal. It stays perfectly still but IT'S EYES FLY OPEN!
Lids snap (abrupt) Without moving the croc SHUTS IT'S EYES.
The Forest sings - swish, swish
Bubbles rise (slow) The croc sinks a little and blows bubbles under the water as it turns toward the noise
Squawk! (abrupt) The croc jumps up and grabs rubber ducky - rolls over and over and over until it is lying on it's back looking up
Crocodile smile (applause) With a big crocodile smile it rubs the tummy for all to see.

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