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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

Activity d - Mud slide ride

croc appreciation


This activity allows students to physically experience some of the difficulties faced by a crocodile as it tries to move on four legs on land and into the water.
What you need
  a hot day, a smooth lawn without rocks or sticks that could hurt, a water tap
  bathing suits, a change of clothes, towels
  a children's water toy called a 'Junior Crocodile Mile'. [It is a long piece of plastic that attaches to a garden hose. Water trickles across plastic and children slide down the length of it - available at toy stores for around $15.00]

What you do

Students can practise sliding down the lawn like a crocodile but make sure they start from a prone position rather than standing. [NOTE: Pinning arms to side of body may be to difficult /dangerous so put arms forward to become the snout].

  • When mud slide ride is complete, students can crawl back up to the other end on all fours and try it again.
  • Discuss how difficult it is to crawl over the different surfaces. Ask students to describe the croc's adaptations that help it to move over dry and wet land.
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Croc shadow

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