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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

Information Sheet A

croc appreciation

Crab Pack Rap

Me and my crab pack racin' down the back
Of a crocodile with a dangerous smile
Single file in a two minute mile
Us crabs say its groovey - just like a movie
Runnin' down the track - a Grand Prix attack
I start at the tail - don't need no trail
Jumpin an' a bumpin, got my heart thumpin'
Past the fat body seems a bit naughty
Between the eyes - croc gotta big surprise
Bruce Lee got nothin' on me
Slide down the snout - over and out
Jump! Fly! On fast legs I rely
Croc snaps lookin' for a tasty snack
Lunch was light - nothin' there to bite
Hangin' in the mangrove, hangin' in the mangrove
Lookin' for another road, lookin' for another road


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