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  Living safely with Crocodiles    

Kit coverAn Education Kit for Grades 5 - 7

Information Sheet

living safely with crocs


Attack Facts

1980 - 90 number of deaths
croc attack deaths 8
shark attacks 9
bee stings 20
drownings 3,367
traffic accidents 32,772
1991 - 98
croc attack deaths 2


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Do's and Don'ts

  • Obey crocodile warning signs. Just because you don't see any crocs doesn't mean they aren't there.
  • Don't go swimming, paddling or wading in areas where there are likely to be crocs. This includes coastal areas and beaches in some places.
  • Keep well away from the waters edge in croc country. Avoid washing dishes and gutting fish on river/billabong banks and be very cautious when collecting water.
  • Be cautious when fishing and don't stand in the water.
  • Don't share food scraps or fish guts with crocs; they may come back for more!
  • Don't sit on branches overhanging a croc creek. Crocs can and do jump
  • Don't camp within 50m of water

  • Don't assume because someone else was safe that you will be also; crocodiles are aware of areas regularly used by animals seeking water. Remember you are an animal too!
  • Be careful in boats. Crocs can overturn canoes and a foot dangling over the edge may prove irresistible.
  • Don't be complacent. Large crocs rarely show themselves and approach very stealthily.
  • Adults should supervise children when near water in croc country.

(Source: Tropical Topics 29 July 1995. Department of Environment and Heritage)


video clip

  • safety messages about no swimming, boating in croc habitats (14 secs, 109 K) view
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