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  Our Great Barrier Reef    

Our Great Barrier Reef
Junior Primary Years 1- 3

Learning Areas  
  • Society and Environment;
  • Science;
  • English;
  • Mathematics; and
  • The Arts.

The unit focuses on the following core learning outcomes from the Years 1-10 SOSE and Science Syllabuses:

Teacher with students viewing sea creatures

In Place and Space:

1.1 Students match relationships between themselves and an environment.

1.2 Students make simple connections between elements of simple ecosystems.

1.4 Students organise and present information about places that are important to them.

1.5 Students describe the relationships between personal actions and environmentally friendly strategies in places.

1.7 Students design a game to match animals, people or plants to places.

In Culture and Identity:

1.3 Students share an understanding of how diverse families meet human needs of food, clothing and shelter.

1.4 Students gather information and record information about traditions, celebrations and cultural changes.

1.5 Students describe, draw, or enact how an important event might be perceived from another’s perspective.

In Systems, Resources and Power:

1.1Students understand that the environment provides resources that meet our needs and they can conserve resources.

1.6 Students enact consequences of following and not following rules of familiar places.

In Life and Living:

1.2 Students group living things in different ways based on observable features.

1.6 Students observe and describe components of environments.

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