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  Our Great Barrier Reef    
Our Great Barrier Reef
Junior Primary Years 1- 3
Key Competencies  
  • Collecting, analysing and organising information;
  • Communication ideas and information;
  • Planning and organising activities;
  • Working with others in teams;
  • Using mathematical ideas and techniques;
  • Solving problems; and
  • Using technology.
Planning Considerations

Some tips to help the unit run smoothly:

  • Read through the unit thoroughly and highlight activities you think are most relevant to your students;
  • Consider which of the key learning outcomes from your State Syllabus are most likely to “come out” of the unit;
  • Gather together key resources used in the unit, eg. photographs, picture books, activity sheets etc. (see resources page);
  • You may wish to write to parents informing them of the topic, sharing the understandings for the unit and inviting any assistance and resources;
  • Organise a videoconference with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, an excursion to a public aquarium or Marine Discovery Centre; and
  • Organise a learning log for each student.

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