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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Community Events

Lord Howe Island Marine Group

Lord Howe Island

Ian Hutton

Walks, lectures, snorkel trips, scuba trips

Activities for local residents, schoolchildren, tourists

More information

Ultimo Community Centre

Ultimo 2007

Caroline Simons

Why is the sea important to us?

Looking at life in the sea, how humans interact with the sea in a postive way, how humans interact with the sea in a negative way & how to overcome or prevent this.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Far South Coast Region
Merimbula 2548

Dave Costello / Kerryn Wood

A wide range of activities including opportunities created by
government and private sector operators.

Activities include: a free snorkel safari on 14.3.01 provided by Merimbula Divers Lodge, Free access to Merimbula Aquarium for local primary schools on school days, 10.00 a.m.-12 noon during Seaweek.

The restaurant at the aquarium is also the venue for a special Seaweek dinner commencing at 7.00p.m. on 14.March. Dinner wil give guests accees to aquarium and a special guest speaker will talk aout marine mammals and their management.

Special rate evening cruises by local dolphin cruise operator "True Blue" Tuesday to Thursday. Regular tours of Green Cape Lightstation in Ben Boyd National Park.

Cultural activities conducted by local Aboriginal Communities at Jigamy Cultural Centre, Pambula, Monday to Thursday and daily tours at Umbarra Cultural Centre, Bermagui.

Stormwater Display 12 noon-2 p.m.by Bega Valley Shire Council at Merimbula waterfront near Tourist Info Centre.

And lots more!!! For details contact Dave Costello

March 10 to 17 2001

Lord Howe Island has one of the most fascinating and pristine marine environments in Australia. At the crossroads of warm currents from the north and cooler currents from the south the Island has a mix of both tropical and temperate marine life. The warm currents from the north pass over the Great Barrier Reef and sweep larvae of corals south to Lord Howe Island, to form the most southerly coral reef in the Pacific. Other tropical creatures make the reef home; over 500 fish species have been recorded here, with tropical species conspicuous, along with schools of cooler water pelagics.

Minimal human development on the Island means that the lagoon and reef are in pristine condition. This unique marine life of Lord Howe Island has been recognised with World Heritage Listing in 1982, and declaration of a State Marine Park in 1999.

From March 10 to 17 2001 local operators, along with Marine Park Manager Geoff Kelly are organising a SEAWEEK Lord Howe Island program. There will be a range of activities for the local community, schoolchildren and tourists.

Activities being organised include beach and boat snorkels, scuba dives, glass bottom boat trips, guided reef walks, evening slide presentations plus displays and video screenings.

For visitors, There will be two packages available - one for scuba divers and one for non scuba divers. Optional activities of night dives and Ball's Pyramid dives will be available. As well the Island has walking tracks that take you through rainforest to thronging seabird colonies and scenic lookouts. Participants can choose from a range of accommodation on the Island, and travel from Sydney with Eastern Australia Airlines and Brisbane with Sunstate Airlines.

This week will be a great chance to experience the marine world first hand.

Further information is available from:
Geoff Kelly, Manager Lord Howe Island Marine Park 0265632359
Ian Hutton , Lord Howe Island Nature Tours, 0265632447 or lhitours@tpgi.com.au
Brian Busteed, Howea Divers. 0265632290 or howeadivers@bigpond.com.au

Bookings can be made with Prodive Travel 1800 806820 and Dive Adventures 0292994633

School Events

Yarras Primary School

Yarras NSW

Ann Lindsay

Beach Safety Days

As part of our water safety program for PDHPE, we take the students to our local beach in Port Macquarie for classes with the lifeguards and marine environment classes.

Unanderra Public School

Cordeaux Heights NSW 2526

Allan Miller

Beach Clean Up

Clean up Wollongong beach. Collect litter; categorise and identify source. Devise anti litter campaign.

Iona Public School

Woodville NSW 2321

Joan Hart

People and Oceans

Excursion to beach / rock platform art/writing activities focusiing on people & relationship with sea.

Yarras Primary School

Yarras NSW 2446

Ann Lindsay

Beach Safety Days
6th, 13th, 20th March

As part of our water safety program for PDHPE, we take the students to our local beach in Port Macquarie for classes with the lifeguards and marine environment classes.

Unanderra Public School

Caves Beach N.S.W. 2281

Linda Benwell

Local Waterway Cleanup

Our Year Twelve Marine Studies will be leading the cleanup of a local waterway

St Dominic's Flemington

Homebush West NSW 2140

Dianne Rodrigues

Marine mural

As a school a mural will be created. Throughout the week awareness will be focused on the conservation and how to look after our marine life

Dubbo School of Distance Education

Dubbo 2830

Gerard Hart

The Pacific Ocean from a Distance

Intend to incorporate a Netmeeting link with four primary distance education students via radio while simultaneously sharing a Netmeeting link on the topic of Humpback Whale migration and raising of calves in the protected waters of Hervey Bay Qld. (just hope it works !!)

Kiama High School

Kiama 2533

Graeme Collinson-Smith

Adopt a Beach - Kendalls

Clean up of Kendalls Beach, Kiama. Put posters in shopping centre. Promote seaweek at school.

Kingscliff High

Kingscliff NSW 2487

Peter Langley

Putting the ""U" back in est-ary

Snorkellers & scuba divers clean up the creek. Removal of bitou from beach. Surveys of sea grass, plankton, pippies, other endangered marine organisms.

Wisemans Ferry Public School

Wisemans Ferry, 2775

Sally Chapman

Clean up the Hawkesbury

We are a school of only 44 students on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. We have many caravan parks and boaters! The K-3 Kids will make posters about caring for the Hawkesbury (which of course is a fine way to help care for the Sea) and laminate and display them at key points around the community -- at the Council and Caravan Parks, the village shop and petrol station and pub.

The 4-6 kids will clean up the banks of the river at the ferry crossings and Council parks

Comboyne P.S

Comboyne 2429

Helen Casimir

The Sea

Take country kids to the sea and look at the environment - plant & Animal life K/6

Penshurst Girls HS

Penshurst 2222

David Miller

No details provided

Sawtell Primary

Sawtell NSW 2452

Will Trice

Our Beach

Cleaning up of our main beach area

Glen Innes P. S.

Glen Innes. NSW2370

Kevin Corcoran

Yamba Excursion

In conjunction with life saving activities being conducted in Term 1. Will link with local life saving club (Yamba)

Dudley Public School

Dudley 2290

Sue Saxby

Keeping our local beach clean and stormwater impact

Students will investigate the effects of stormwater on the local Dudley Beach, including a clean up Aust. Day activity in this week

St Josephs

Wee Waa NSW 2388

Andrew Pinelli

River Care

Look at how we as a school community can help to better look after the Namoi River that runs at the back of our school.

Evans River K-12 School

NSW 2373

Ian Ballantyne

Dune restoration

Removal of weeds and rubbish from foredune at Evanshead main beach.

Barraba Central School

Barraba 2347

Jenny Wainwright


We will paint a scene of a volunteer lifesaver at a beach. It will be a K - 6 activity

De La Salle College

Caringbah 2229

Maria Gioffre

People & the sea

Oceans of Australia and conservation

Woodenbong Central School

Woodenbong 2476

Jan Martin

Primary Library Class lessons

K-6 theme running during Library Sessions culminating in a large wall display integrating classroom activities along information skills,creative arts, language skills and enhancing the HSIE and Science and techlogy curriculum units. Activities will cover all of the topic areas covered in your Sea week flier

Beresfield Public School

Beresfield 2322

Britney Robinson

Clean up day

Clean up local wetland area publize rubbish collected in local paper.

Forest Lodge Public School

Glebe NSW 2037

Libby Fry

The Sea - S & T Unit

Year 2 students to work on Unit "How do People Use The Sea?" - including visit to Sydney Fish Markets

Wentworthville Public School

Wentworthville 2145

Jenny Tomkins

Under the sea

Classes 1/2T and 2R are completing a theme called 'Under the Sea"". We'll be looking at sea creatures, pollution and its effects on beaches. We will also be investigating ways in which we can look after our environments.

Hunter Christian School

Mayfield NSW 2299

Kim Hawgood

Sea Excursion

Year 3 will visit the Newcastle Fish Co-op, take a ferry ride on Newcastle Harbour, spend time exploring rock pools at Merewether Beach and hold a sand modelling competition.

Iluka Public School

Iluka 2466

Phil Bradmore

Foreshore cleanup

To clean up and beautify the Iluka Bay area

St Michael's School


Mrs Louise Campbell

Sea Week Poster Presentation

Students to submit a poster - theme 'The Sea' to be displayed around the school.

St Catherine of Siena

Prestons 2170

Christine Scanlon

Art Competition

An art competition with a sea theme will be conducted throughout the school. Prizes of books with a sea theme will be awarded. On Thursday the 15th March, we will have an open day where parents come and inspect the art works. Prizes will be presented on this day.

Claremont College

Randwick 2031

Mrs Anna Herron

Under the sea

The children in Year 1 will be exploring life under the sea, both animal and plant life. They will look at how wildlife protects itself,mating feeding,habitat and special features.We will also be looking at how pollution effects our oceanlife.

Bungendore Public School

Bungendore 2621

Narelle Lloyd

Class Study

Class room themework

Tuntable Falls Community Primary School

via Nimbin 2480

Teresa Biscoe

Our oceans and reefs

In March, our school will focus on exploring the concepts of oceans and reefs and our relationship with it touching on the themes of resouces,recreation,environment,and ecology.These themes will be integrated into our curriculum and explored in literacy,numeracy,the visual arts and music.In April, the school will be going to the beach where these themes will be further explored studying the shore environment.

Duval High School

Armidale 2350

Barry Kerr

Seafood Cookery

HSC Marine Studies class activity

St Mary's PS

Bowraville 2449

Sarah Landers

One Good Tern deserves another

Exploring Biodiversity and mans impact on Nature Classroom activities explaining situation of the endangered Little tern which nest on nearby beaches supported by field trip to Nambucca to view nesting sites, clean up plastic on beach and mangrove walk.

Cawdor Public School

Cawdor 2570

Sharon Ihlein

Marine Discovery Program

3 day program at Green Patch where the children learn snorkelling and use their skills to study the marine life in the area. The program is run by the Camden Park Education Centre.

Kyogle High School

Kyogle. 2474

Mark Ivanusa

Sensible Shopping

My Marine Studies class are getting together with the local Youth group to make the community aware of the problem with plastic waste. Perhaps making people think about the packaging that companies use and to find alternatives to plastic shopping bags.

Brooke Avenue Public School

Killarney Vale. 2261

Lyn Inskip

Clean Up Our Beaches

As a coastal area our leisure activities revolve around the seaside. We want our time at the beach to be pleasant and clean and for visitors to the area to be impressed with the beauty and not disgusted by the rubbish. Our school will participate in clean up activities in local areas to help keep the Central Coast clean and beautiful.

Maryland Public School

Maryland 2287

Robyn Daley

Shell Craft

Stage 1 children group craft and modelling activity

Alstonville Public

Alstonville 2477

Lorraine Bryant

Wealth from the Sea (March - June)

Students research the wealth or resources and activities that the ocean provides and the importance of conservation is highlighted to ensure resources for our world in the future. Students will understand the importance of the oceans for food, raw materials useful in everyday life, fuel, transport etc.

The various systems (e.g. quotas,closed seasons etc) for conservation and protection of our oceans , the wildlife, resources and activities will be examined

Lansdowne Public School

Lansdowne 2430

Mrs Sally Saunders

Class Poster Competition

Slogan plus appropriate picture

Blue Hills College

Goonellabah 2480

Karen Ferry

The Worlds Oceans and Seas

Living things on the Seashore - Sandy shore, rocky shore, mangroves and Coral reefs

Wolumla Public School

Wolumla 2550

Ian Gordon

Our Stage two students will be involved in SEAWEEK activities through the NPWS in Merimbula.

Upper Orara Primary

Upper Orara 2450

Jim Rowe

Clean up the rock pools

Visit Sawtell beach and identify creatures living in the rock pools. Identify any foreign particles.

Cuclairn P.S.

Cuclairn 2660

Pene Dade

Students will produce a poster to advertise sea week. Students learning about sea environments.

Leapfrog Childcare Centre and Preschool

Jerrabomberra 2619

Sally Lada

Introduction to marine awareness

A range of fun and interesting preschool activities to find out the children's existing knowledge about marine environments and extend this knowledge.

Visit Tuggeranong Library and peruse the teachers' book series to gain further ideas to develop this theme with the children.

Vincentie High School

Vincentie 2540

Lesley Parker


Bennett Rd Public School

Marys 2760

Mrs R Hahn

Under the Sea


John Purchase Public School

Cherrybrook 2126

Sue Gibbons

People and the Sea

A collage along the school wall- Made it bit by bit by involving the whole infant school K-2. Beach / Sea Scene with section: - 'What do we want in the Sea?' - 'What don't we want in the Sea?'

...children encouraged to draw/write own ideas re: The sea and how to keep it healthy etc. Display will be ready in time for parent visits for Public Education Day, March 15

Abbotsford Public School

Abbotsford, 2046

Sandra Walker

Clean Up Our Local Parks

The children and parents of Year 1 at Abbotsford Public School will endeavour to clean Henry Lawson Park and Quarantine Park. Also, we will be graphing the amount and type of rubbish found.

Cromehurst School

Lindfield 2070

Peter Walker


Pambula Beach Nippers

Pambula Beach 2549

Kerryn Granger

Exploring Rock pools and talking about Sea creatures (dolphins)

Some National Parks officers are coming to talk about seacreatures like dolphins and whales and all the nippers are going to look on the rocks for rockpools and going
to learn about fish and other creatures in the rockpools.

James Meehan High School

Macquarie Fields 2564

Rosemarie Vujcic

Gutful of Garbage

Three activities for junior science students:cleanup of local creek adjacent to school grounds; poster competition to target the local community regarding recycling of
plastic bags: students to research the Aboriginal and Polynesian ideas and connection to the sea

Casino West PS

Casino 2470

Laurie Toovey

Beach Excursion

Years 3 - 6 taking part in beach excursion to conclude unit of work on the sea. Activities will include: dune study, treasure hunt, rock pool study, leisure activities.

Tangara Special School

Mittagong 2575

Sam Fleming

Beach Camp

Camp to Culburra Beach Nowra Beachcombing, Clean-up beach section

Dee Why Primary School
Class 3/6S

Dee Why 2099

Sue Coughlin

Have a Go

As part of our Water Safety program for PDHPE we will take the children to our local rock pool for water safety/protection experiences with volunteers and lifeguards.

We are also going to visit out local Long Reef Marine Park. Make a poster to promote Sea Week at school and have fun.

Wet Paper

Ashmore 4214

Bob Moffatt

Kids&Water - Sydney Trade Display

Trade Display - Penrith Teachers Network.Contact: Jan Marshall Penrith Executive Network c/- Glenmore Park Primnary School 02 4733 6204

Yagoona Public School

Yagoona 2190

Karen Johnston

Mufti Clean Up Day

We will be having a sea theme mufti day. Children will bring a donation to go towards buying plants and other environmental projects in the school. During the day, the children in class groups will be cleaning up the playground and our stormwater drains, we have quite a few on the school grounds.

We will be playing beach style music during lunch and recess. We also planned to paint a mural inspired by the sea if weather permits.






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