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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Community Events

University of Tasmania

Hobart 7001

Tania Stadler

Coastcare Education and Action Workshop (March 16)

A workshop for teachers which will relate coastal and marine issues to the K-12 curriculum, including issues of local concern and a field trip.

School Events

Mersey Heights School

Devonport. TAS 7310


Beach Clean Up

Classes will be cleaning up the foreshore of Lillico Beach - a Fairy Penguin nesting zone near Devonport.

Marine Discovery Centre

Woodbridge, Tasmania 7162

Pam Elliott

We are keen to explore a range of activities relating toour local Aboriginal heritage and the sea.

Coastcare NW Tasmania

Ulverstone Tasmania 7315

Anna Wind

Taking the sea to the classroom

Taking live inter-tidal specimens to the classroom at Sacred Heart School so children can have a hands-on learing experience. Displaying marine debris and other interesting marine specimens.

Bracknell P.S.

Bracknell 7302

Mrs Muir/Mrs Jones

Seahorse World visit

Visit Seahorse World do pre-visit and follow-up activities; study seahorses & their environment

Star of the Sea College

Georgetown 7253

Mrs Z Crowden

Crab survey Gr 7 - Marine Studies

Classroom work on working with crabs, sexing crabs, their place in the food chain. Quadrant survey of inter-tidal zone at northern end of Lagoon Beach, Low Head. Count of numbers male/female. Identification of species. Column graphing results.

Riverside Primary School

Riverside 7250

Penny Campbell

The Hidden Forest

Studying (and visiting) Jeannie Baker's books, in particular 'The Hidden Forest.' Activities to be a result of her books and related themes of change.

Immaculate Heart

Lenah Valley 7008

Natasha Snow

My Magic

Read picture book 'My Magic Beach' by Alison Lester. Discuss what the sea means to individual children and why. Using their imaginations children will be asked to imagine what their "magic" beach would be like or what their "ideal" beach would be like. They will then
complete the line

At my beach

After sharing their work and publishing, we will continue our study of the sea by brainstorming the uses of the sea (ie. leisure, indusrty, animal life etc.)

West Ulverstone Primary

Ulverstone 7315

Jan Mansfield

Beach combing and sculpture

Kinder and grade 3-4 children will be combing the beach for objects to create a beach sculpture on the beach. We will take photos of the sculptures for use in the classroom. Classifications etc.

Goulburn Street PS

Hobart 7000

Carmel Walsh

Students already have completed work on biodiversity, but a final choice of topic will be dependent on what is contained in the Seaweek ideas booklet.

Montagu Bay PS

Montagu Bay 7018

Moyra Buchanan

Marine Discovery Centre Visit

A day visit to reinforce classroom work on a SEA theme, covering all areas of the curriculum

Smithton Primary School

Smithton 7330

Merle Reid

Living in the sea

Investigations into what and how creatures live in the sea and how humans impact upon their life

Triabunna District High School

Triabunna, 7190

Jonathan Knight

Media Release - Our School and the Sea

Our School is in a fishing port where vaious sea products are also farmed and processed for export. Current related activities include development of a coastal, estuarine reserve, and short courses on aquaculture. Our media release will describe these activities, and our local population's relationship with the sea.

Reece High

Devonport 7310

Carol Maney

Plastics, the Sea and Us

Using the resource material provided the class will learn about the danger of marine debris to marine creatures in the oceans.

Tasman District HS

Nubeena 7184

Tanya Smit

Beach Cleanup

Classes from Prep - 10 will be involved in cleaning up local beaches.

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