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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Community Events

Barwon Heads
Festival of the Sea

Festival Co-ordinator
Bernard Napthine
03 5254 2312

Barwon Heads Festival of the Sea

Wednesday 14th - Sunday 18th March 2001

This is probably the biggest Seaweek event we have had in Vic for years.

More information

Barwon Heads
Festival of the Sea

Wednesday 14th March
10am to 4pm
Environment Expo

Wednesday 14th March
9.00am to 4.30pm
Connections To The Sea Environment Seminar

Wednesday 14th March
7.30pm to 9.30pm
Land Sea Sky - " A guide to the plants, birds and marine life of Barwon Heads"

Environment Expo
The parkland above the jetty will host the Festival Environment Expo featuring displays by local environment groups and plenty of activities to enjoy.

Rockpool Rambles, Bird Watching, Guided Tours of the Bluff, Canoe Trips through the Mangroves, Fishing School, Up Close with the Animals, Planting on the Bluff and more.

More information

Connections To The Sea
Environment Seminar

Connections with the Sea will discuss a number of the many habitat forms in the area and the issues surrounding their survival and management.

Land Sea Sky

Three outstanding speakers will introduce you to the beauty and diversity of the plant and animal life in the area.

More information

Cape Bridgewater Marine Ecology Centre

Bridgewater, 3305

Philip Arnold

Poster competition for Bridgewater Bay Coast Action Group

Poster design competition

Sea craft

We are having a sea craft making tent at the Bridgewater Country Fair

Melbourne Aquarium


Erin Landells

Seaweek myths and legends

Story telling through out the Aquarium. This will be presented by mythical characters in costume. Students Art work about the sea will be on display throughout the Aquarium.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment

East Melbourne 3002 and
Hamilton 3300

Shannon Haintz

Seaweek Display

Displaying seaweek promotional material in both the East Melbourne Information Centre and the Hamilton Information Centre. Promoting People and the Sea.

Bayside City Council

Sandringham 3191

Amy Weir


Poster & information display in the Corporate foyer re: Seaweek & activities/actions to help look after the coast & the ocean

Coast Action/Coastcare

Melbourne 3002

Gerard Clark

The Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence 2001 (Thursday 15 March)

The Victorian Coastal Awards for Excellence 2001 are being presented to publicly recognise and acknowledge the community groups, individuals, agencies and local governments working to protect and improve the state's coastline.

More School Events

Glen Waverley South PS

Glen Waverley 3150

Claire Knights

Building sandcastles

Children in grades 1 and 2 practise building sandcastles in preparation for visit to Ricketts Point next week.

Marlo Primary School

Marlo 3888

Paul Jorgensen

Beach Clean

Whole School and parents walk along the eastury area and pick-up rubbish. We also look for iinteresting things washed up on shore, collect interesting objects to take back to school for further investigation and activities.

Upper Yarra SC

Yarra Junction 3797

Barbara de Vries


Year 10 and two year Geography classes go the Melbourne Aquarium on Friday 16 March.

Art - Exhibition and Oceans Display
History, Science and Maths - special lessons

Catholic College Bendigo

Junortoun 3551

Rosemary Hutchinson

Our year 8 are attending a camp at the beach and we would like ideas to develop the sea week theme. Many have very little experience of the sea. Help!

St Johns PS

Euroa 3666

Erin Kelly

Marine Studies Project

Children choose an area to research i.e. pollution, creatures, uses of the sea around Australia etc.

Euroa Primary School

Euroa 3669

Tonneke Naughton

Rock Pools

Exploring what lives in a rock pool Making a rock Pool and the creatures that live in it.

St.Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarden


Sally Burdziejko


Presbyterian Ladies' College

Burwood 3125

Andrea Skinner

Marine Biology Excursion & Beach Clean up

Year 10 Life Science students (17 each day) will undertake a rock pool investigation and study of adaptations of marine life at Sorrento Back Beach rock pools and under & around Portsea Pier. They will also do a litter collection and survey at one of these two sites.

This will form part of their work on their Marine Science field trip. Other work includes snorkelling at the pier, a boat trip and snorkelling at Pope's Eye and a visit to the Sorrento Aquarium.

Southwood Boys Grammar School

Ringwood 3134

Dean Russell

Sponge food web

Year 8 students will be dissecting dried sea sponges to make observations of the microfauna communties that live inside them.

Brauer College

Warrnambool 3280

Famie Gargan

Rubbish from School Yard to the Sea

A group of year 9 and 10 Aquatic Science Students will do an activity on stage at the weekly school assembly to inform the whole that leaving their litter around the school eventually ends up in the sea and the effects it has on the Marine animals.

Haslem Street Primary

Kyabram 3620

Christine Oxford

Sea vs River (Seaweek and Term 2)

During Seaweek we are looking at similarities / differences between the use of our rivers and the sea.

Plenty Valley Montessori School

Diamond Creek 3089

Annette Kay


Looking at the differnt types of shells, bivalues, gastropods etc and classifying them

St John's Lutheran Primary School

Portland 3305

Brigita Bartsch Keiller

Poster Competition

The children will be designing a poster illustrating the links that we have with the sea and our local area. These will be submitted to Phil Arnold at the Marine Ecology Centre at Bridgewater

Coonara School

Upper Ferntree Gully 3156

Susan Shee

Philip Island Camp

Surf Camp and Beach Combing for ungraded primary school with 25 children aged from 5 to 13 years.

Bena PS

Bena 3946

Eric Rees

Wilson's Prom Camp

Camping at Tidal River Beach and intertidal activity - rock pooling

Coast Action/Coastcare

East Bentleigh 3165

Jody Plecas

Looking at biodiversity (21 March)

Field trip to looking at marine biodiversity at Flinders in Westernport Bay

Parkhill PS

Ashwood 3147

Michelle Smith

The Beach

P-2 students visit Rickett's Point, Vic, keeping in mind points of conservation, experience, and learning about the the sea.

Download part of the P/1 unit on the sea at Parkhill PS (pdf file 58K)

Mortlake College

Mortlake 3272

Jane Chislett


Nullawil Primary School

Nullawil 3529

Julie Kirk

Designing a seaworthy boat

Children as part of a unit on the sea are asked to design a boat that will float.

Cowes Primary School

Cowes 3922

Tash Robinson

Coast Care/Discovery & Introduction to Surfing

While on Camp at Wilsons Prom the year 6 students at Cowes Primary will be learning about the coast; ways to care for it, marine life which inhabit the rocks and ways which we can keep it clean. We will also be having a surfing lesson with OutThere adventures.

Parks Victoria

Croajingolong National Park

Joshua Puglisi

Activities with Mallacoota P-12

Parktone Primary School

Parkdale 3195

Troy Briggs


Visit St. Andrews Beach where students will comb the high tide area and the dunes. Students then classify the items they have found. Reference: Gould League Coasting Activities

Burwood Heights P.S.

East Burwood 3151

L. Foster

Ocean Notion

Talk given by speaker about undersea.Students P-4 participate in activities that are related. e.g. finding out about seadragons, food chains, molluscs.


School Events

Darnum Primary School


Chris Eeles


Ocean theme including visit to Marine studies centre at Tooradin.

Arthurs Creek Primary School

Arthurs Creek

Carol Cardile

The Lighthouse

Students will investigate lighthouses; their history, role. They will research using the Internet, books. They will complete a design brief.

Berengarra School

Glenways MDC 4116 Mulgrave

Mark Heuston

Smith's Beach Surf and Sweep

The surf
On the 2nd of March a group of nine students will be heading down to Smith's Beach on Philip Island for a day of learning to/and about surfing.

The Sweep
On Friday the 16th of march we will again head down to Smith's to do a sweep of the beach. Cleaning the beach of as much man made trash as possible.

Jindivick Primary School

Jindivick 3818

Rosemary Nicholson

Field trip to Balnarring Beach
(Feb 27th 2001)

We intend to explore the mud flats and tidal pools looking at the flora and fauna. We will do a lot of basic groundwork and research at school prior to the visit.

Yawarra Primary School

Studfield 3152

Gail Hoey

Tooradin Marine Life

Focus on how we can care for our environment after visit to Tooradin - communicate ideas to rest of school through posters, website, intranet etc

Sunbury SC

Sunbury 3429

Paula Henning

No activity description

Portland Secondary College

Portland Vic 3305

Cheryl Edwards

Beach cleanup

All year 7 science groups (6), plus Yr.9 Marine Studies elective group to cleanup town beaches, liaise with local boardriders group - maybe they do a cleanup of 'surf' areas as well.

Peninsula Special Development School

Dromana, Vic 3936

Nicola Mather

Under the sea (Term 1)

The whole school is envolved in an intergrated topic of under the sea. Activities will be run across the curriculum, including beach combing, water safety and science.

Macedon Primary School

Macedon 3429

Leslee Rees

Camp to Wilson's Prom

Activities will include an envirmental study of the area and the effect of tourism on the ecological survival of the marine life.

Covenant College

Geelong, Vic 3221

David Feldman

No activity description

California Gully Primary School

California Gully 3556

Brendan Hartney

To make a series of posters to promote Seaweek in our school. This will show how Australia's Ocean Culture impacts on our lives( even though we live in the country). We will show the relationship of people and the sea.

Aspects of travel, food, sport and recreation will be displayed and the importance of conserving and managing the ocean so it remains clean, healthy and productive.

Nyora Primary School

Nyora 3987

Lee Evans

The Sea

Research from prep to grade 6

Camberwell Girls Grammar

Mont Albert 3127

Michelle Cafini

Under the Sea

Fish prints

Girgarre Primary School

Girgarre 3624

Michelle Smith

Whole School beach excursion March 9

Whole school visit to Gould League beach activities and visit to Melbourne Aquarium with educational guides.

Strathfieldsaye Primary School

Strathfieldsaye. 3551

Kay Macgregor

Our land is girt by sea ...

Camp to Queenscliff 18 - 23rd March. Unit of work organised around biodiversity; caring for the bay/oceans; maritime history.

Marlborough Primary School

Heathmont 3135

Tony Twining

The Sea - Part of Earth in Space Term 1

The activity will be part of a unit of work looking at the structure of earth and the weather

Macedon Primary School

Macedon 3429

Leslee Rees

Camp to Wilson's Prom

Activities will include an envirmental study of the area and the effect of tourism on the ecological survival of the marine life.

Alberton Primary School

Alberton - 3971

Frances Taylor

We are looking at sea leisure activities that promote health and fitness. Also the effects of these activities on the ocean environment prior to a camp to Wilson's Promontory in June

Our Lady of Fatima

Rosebud 3939

Gabi Fisher

Sand Candles

Fill bowls with wet sand. Make shape or hole in sand. Indent sea shells into shape. Fill with melted wax. Insert wick and allow to dry. When set remove from sand. Either leave sand encrusting candle or alternatively brush it off with fingers.

Mowbray College

Melton, Vic, 3337

Andrew Dodson

Coastal Resources Fieldwork 16 March and 19 and 16th March

Year 10 Students from Mowbray College will be travelling to the Marine Discovery Centre in Queenscliffe where they will spend two days learning about our dwindling marine fishing resources. Students will investigate current fishing practives around the globe, look at the spawning sites of many commercial species off the Victorian coast, understand how the ecosystem along Victoria's coastline works, analyse the impact fishing is having on this resource and suggest solutions.

To this end they will be involved in a snorkel off Quenscliffe, investigation of the surrouding sea grass beds and mud flats. Year 11 students will investigate coastal processes and the influence of human activity on normal coastal processes from; the sand buget to intertidal and dune flora and fauna.

Eltham College Junior School

Eltham Victoria 3095

Andrew Grant

Coastal environments

We are attending our Outdoor Education program down on the Gippsland Lakes and will be studying the birdlife and coastal sea life in and around the Mangroves and the Lakes.


Pascoe Vale South P.S.

Pascoe Vale South 3044

Joanne Cheer

Beach Secrets / Rickett's Point

Excursion to see the rockpools and focus on the sea creatures found in them.

St. Finbars P.S.

Brighton East

Jason Hibberd

Ocean Currents (During Swim Program Dec 00)

Children assemble in two lines facing each other in pool(6-8 in each line). One child in turn has a go at swimming between the the two assembled lines whilst each child in the line has a kickboard which they are using to create a current. It is very simple but a lot of fun in experiencing swimming in a current filled ocean environment.

Richmond West P.S.

Richmond 3121

Georgina Simmons

Marine Biology (Science Unit for Term 2)

Among other things visit the Melbourne Aquarium and have a camp ar Camp Wyuna in May to visit the Marine Centre there.

St Anthony's

Hamlyn Heights 3215

Colleen Laffy

Rock Pool Ramble

Engage the Marine Studies Centre to take the students P -4 on a Rock Pool Ramble. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the Marine Studies Centre in Queenscliff, Victoria.

Bena P.S.

Bena 3946

Mrs Mulq

Exploring Wilsons Prom

Camping at Wilsons Prom

Werribee Secondary College

Werribee 3030

Megan McGregor

Coastal Investigation

Students (Year 10) are to investigate a beach area where they would like to spend a long weekend. Accomodation and activities are first researched, and the "weekend" is planned. The students then investigate the environmental conditions of the beach, addressing issues such as pollution, erosion, nourishment, wildlife, and human interference. They discuss the issues in their assignment and present their ideas on how the issues could be addressed, improved or avoided.

Walwa P.S.

Walwa 3709

Marg Fury

River and Sea

We live on the upper reaches of the Murray River and intend to make contact with a school near the sea. The intention being to send emails between children to exchange information on enviromental issues sea and river.

St. Columba's P.S. Elwood

Elwood 3188

Joe Kenny

Beach Watch

Litter survey of our local beach.

St. Luke's P.S.

Blackburn South 3130

Michelle Youlten

P-3 Excursion to Ricketts Point

Children will be involved in learning about water pollution and exploring the sea creatures and surroundings.

Lardner Primary School

Lardner 3820

Judy Cook

All at Sea

Visit to Tooradin Marine Center family / community picnic to Cowes Surf Life Savers at School Beach Day , fishing photo display, sandcastle building, songs of the sea, beach sculptures.

St. Andrew's

Werribee 3030

Mrs Donna Condon

Art - Two Dimensional Drawing

Study a wide variety of fish shapes. Each child selects a fish amd makes a strong bold copy using black felt pens on white paper. Use this outline drawing as the basis for a black and white repeating pattern. Cover parts of the fish with repeating circles, lines, zigzags or triangles. Cut out the fish and glue to a piece of blue construction paper. Embellish the background with brightly coloured shells, seaweed, rock and small fish, drawn in oil pastel.

Iramoo P. S.

Werribbee Vic 3030

Peter Walsh
Claire Koefoed

Beach Rubbish

Discuss how the rubbish that we leave behind effects the beach and sea. Place different rubbish eg Paper, Cloth, Stick, Glass and Plastic in a containers of water. Record changes in the materials over 3 weeks.

Sea Role Plays

Give students a variety of senarios then the students act them out. Senarios could include: You see someone rubbishing the beach. What can you do? You are going to the beach for the day. What do you take with you?

Puckapunyal PS

Puckapunyal 3662

Julie Lyons-Vague

The Sea (Term 1)

Lower school is involved in an integrated topic of The Sea. Activities will be run across the curriculum. We would love to visit the beach or the Melbourne Aquarium!

Timor PS

Timor 3465

Caroline Lovel


We will be painting shells, decorating with shells, constructing boats

Grevillea Park PS

Wendouree 3355

Darren Mooney

Coral fish mosaic

Children are to create a picture of a sea creature; fish, shark etc. A corrugated card is to be used for the frame and displayed with other works related to the sea topic. The school constructs a beach scene using real sand at the end of our hallway. I will endeavour to send you some images of the final products

Pleasant St PS

Ballarat 3350

Deb Radojevic

The Sea

During our theme "The Sea" we will be making sea snakes, visiting Queenscliff, making a fish mobile depicting as many sea creatures as possible and cleaning up Lake Wendouree's forshore of rubbish.

Richmond West PS

Richmond 3121

Sue Davis

Bins not gutters

Take students for a walk around the black asking them to observe and record all rubbish they see in the gutters and drains. Share lists and record on card trips. As a group use these strips to organise rubbish into groups according to type plastics, paper, foodstuff, metal etc. Talk to students about how our street drains eventually end up in the sea and ask them to suggest how the different types of rubbish might affect that environment and the living things in it.

Record student suggestions and as a class create a chart showing how rubbish thrown down in Richmond affects the sea kilometres away. ask students to work individually or in pairs to create Powerpoint presentation or Publisher poster that will show people why they need to put their rubbish in the bins and not in the gutters.

More school events for Vic ..

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