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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

Community Events

Parks & Wildlife Commission NT

Palmerston NT 0831

Roana O'Neill

Celebrate Seaweek! Sunday March 18th

We will providing a free community event at the Northern Territory Musuem grounds to celebrate Seaweek. There will be storytelling, face painting, craft sessions, turtle identification, marine jigsaw habitats, fishing clinics, litter display, discounted fish and chips, beach games and more..!

The event will run from 10am through to 1pm. Free calico bags will also be provided to the public to encourage use of a reusable item instead of a plastic bag to help in the conservation of marine life.

Darwin City Library

Darwin 0801

Mary Hamon/ Gina Miglierina

Preschool Storytime and Creative Play (14/3 & 16/3)

Theme for the month of March in Storytime at Darwin Public Library is 'Under The Sea' (revolving around Sea Week). For Storytime for that particular week we are reading the story of 'Swimmy' by Lionni, Leo and the activity that the children are going to be doing to incorporate the story is 'fish hand puppets' and one black hand puppet as 'Swimmy'.

The whole Children's area in the Library is going to be changed into a sea theme with books relating to it displayed for the whole month. Staff also are going to dress up in 'beach wear' on these days.

Casuarina Public Library

Darwin 0820

Rosemary Wood
Lorna Hooper

Story Telling in the Park (Sunday 18 March)

Story Tellers form Darwin Public Libraries will be reading stories with an Ocean or Beach Theme to children on a Story Mat during MESA's 'Ocean Culture-People and the Sea' Event on Sunday, 18 March.

The Story Mat will be situated under trees on the lawn of the NT Museum. As well as stories, children will be able to do colouring in activities and people will be able to register themselves for membership of Darwin Public Libraries.

Northern Territory Field Naturalists Club

c/o Roana O'Neill Parks and Wildlife Commission NT

Bryan Baker

Wildlife of Ashmore Reef
by Scott Whiting

Join us as we discover a place that supports a greater variety of marine life than other reefs in its region, a place that has more fish species than the Coral Sea, a place where there are more species of sea snakes than anywhere else in the world.... Ashmore Reef.

Loction: Seminar Room, Building 30, Faculty of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies (FATSIS), Casuarina Campus, NT

This seminar is proudly supported by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory.

School Events

Parks & Wildlife Commission NT

Palmerston NT 0831

Roana O'Neill

Seaweek Colouring and Story Competition 24 Feb

A colouring and story competition for Seawek will be advertised in a local Northern Territory newspaper. Children will be invited to colour in the picture of the hawksbill turtle and add further description to the picture. Children are also asked to write a story about the journey this turtle has taken to reach the beach, the threats it has faced along the way and some of the things they think the turtle would ask humans to do to help care for it, if it could talk.

Entries will be displayed at the Territory Wildlife Park and then at the Window on the Wetlands Vistor Centre for the duration of Seaweek and the week following it. There are 5 great prizes to win for the winning entries.

Parks & Wildlife Commission NT

Palmerston NT 0831

Roana O'Neill

Marine School Activity March 12th - March 16th

Primary and secondary schools will be offered the opportunity to have a Community Education Ranger visit their class in support of Seaweek.

Prior to the activity the class will be sent a videoed interview with a Conservation Management Officer (CMO) at the Parks and Wildlife Commission. The video will cover the role of the CMO, types of wildlife they have worked with, suggestions for getting started in a wildlife career, a typical day in the life of a CMO, the turtle research undertaken by the CMO, threats turtles face and how people can assist in their conservation.

During the activity the group will be able to view marine turtle slides, discuss the various marine turtle species, learn how to use a scientific key in the identification of marine turtles and watch a short excerpt from a videoed turtle release on a Darwin beach that the CMO was involved in.

Prior to the activity each class will also receive a pack of information about Seaweek, marine fauna, marine issues and career information. They will also receive a coastal poster.

Parks & Wildlife Commission NT

Palmerston NT 0831

Roana O'Neill

Design and Build a Marine Creature!

All Darwin schools have been invited to participate in designing and building a sea creature. Classes are invited to choose a Top End marine animal and design and construct it from any materials, recycled materials have been encouraged. The only criteria is that it must be 3D, portable and of a real marine animal. It does not have to be life size.

Each class must submit a 200 word outline of why they chose that animal and its value to people in the Territory, eg it is of intrinsic value, it is culturally significant, it is a food source, it plays a vital role in recycling nutrients and filtering the water.

Classes will be invited to attend the Seaweek celebrations at the Northern Territory Musuem on Sunday 18th March where the winning entry will be announced. The winning class will be provided with a marine prize that can be utilised by the whole school.

Apungalindum Homeland Learning Centre

PMB 18 via Alice Springs

Jo Buttery

Beach Party 14th March, 2001

Inland Beach Party - to be held at a waterhole (as we are in the desert) - to celebrate and finish off a unit of work on the ocean. All students will participate in swimming and games, sandcastle competition and BBQ with parents to share our learned knowledge of the sea through the presentation of a play written by the students.

Dundee School

Winnellie NT 0822

Janette Jones

Clean up Dundee Beach 16 March

Children and interested adults will spend the day cleaning up Dundee Beach.

Parks & Wildlife Commission NT

Palmerston NT 0831

Roana O'Neill

Junior Ranger Review

The Junior Ranger Review is a free, quarterly publication for children. It covers information on Northern Territory plants, animals, threatened species, and contains nature quizzes and project pages.

The first edition for 2001 will be dedicated to Seaweek and will cover dugongs, trilobites, careers in the marine area and more...

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list just send us your name and address or alternatively you can download a copy from the Parks and Wildlife Commission's website http://www.nt.gov.au/paw

St Francis of Assisi School

Humpty Doo NT 0836

Mrs Nuala Cullen

The Sea

Sea creatures, Indigenous Dreaming stories, pollution, art/craft, fishing

Braitling School

Alice Springs 0870

Jill Tudor

Research A Sea Creature

Children from two classes in the early childhood section and one grade four/five class will be researching sea creatures in support of Seaweek.

From their research the children will be presenting reports to the class
about what they have discovered about their sea creatures.

Wanguri Primary School

Casuarina NT 0811

Sharon Reeves

Our creature

Class discusses what marine animals are unique to our waters, choose one and build a model and detail the animals importance to us.

Nhulunbuy Primary School

Nhulunbuy NT 0881

Sue McClure

Choose a topend marine animal. Build a model of the animal and write an explanation why it was chosen and why it is important.

Wulagi Primary

Wulagi, Darwin, 0812


Casuarina Beach emu bob

Collect rubbish from beach.

Raymangirr Homeland School &
Yalakun Homeland School

via Nhulunbuy 0881

Cameron Begg

Cultural Links

For these Yolngu people of north east Arnhem Land ,the sea is fundamental to survival, since they live largely on a diet of seafood. First of all we'll clean up the beach, and then build a shelter and have a "bungul", (or corroborree), and sing ceremonial songs and dance about the sea.

I will try to get the students to make a small presentation about the different ways in which they use the sea, and I'll get some elders to explain to the students how they used to make canoes in the past. We'll set aside the whole week for Seaweek activities and I'll do my best to capture it on video.

Middle Point Primary

Humpty Doo 0836

Lisa Day

Water and Ice

We are exploring water and how it turns into ice. Relating this to sea week we are investigating the Antartic region and the animals that live down there.







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