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  Seaweek 2002    

Diving Deeper
10 -17 March, 2002

Can we explore further?
Can we help kids to discover more?

Marine Education is an outstanding vehicle for learning. Students are naturally excited and inquisitive about our marine world.

About 85% of Australians live within 15 kms of the coastline - Australians have a close affinity to the marine environment. Technology, including CD Roms and Internet sites, allow us to see seahorses giving birth, to see ocean waves around Australia, to get swell charts 124 hours in advance and get great teaching resources via our MESA website.

Seaweek Kit Activities Booklet

Designed by the Gould League of Victoria

The Gould League has produced a range of activities for primary students related to the Seaweek 2002 theme 'Diving Deeper'

Download the Seaweek Kit Activities Booklet (pdf)
(15 pages, 3.4 Mb)

Activities may be reproduced for classroom activities only.

How can we help kids to explore further and deeper?

We are all connected to the sea, we evolved from the sea and we as humans are starting to appreciate more of the ocean's resources. We are becoming more aware of the need for conservation, we need real Marine Protection and more education and awareness through our students and community.

We shouldn't underestimate how powerful our students are in passing on environmentally friendly messages and practices to their peers and parents - even telling their parents what they should and shouldn't be doing.

Exploring locally

It is vitally important that our students learn about their own environment and the ways that they can protect and support it.

How many students know more about the history and environments of other countries than they do about their own backyard?

This is an ideal opportunity to get "out of the four walls' and help your students to discover. Most of us live near a creek, river, wetland, sand dunes, mangrove area, sandy shore, reef or rockpool area which all have a direct link to the sea.

What can I do to help the Sea?
  Some ideas
  Exploring further
  Walking trails
  Ideas for Teachers
  Links to KLAs

Getting help
Our MESA State Delegates are very keen to help you

Register your activity or event online for a free Gould League Booklet of ideas

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Download the MESA Seaweek 2002 Marine Activities Booklet

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