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  Seaweek 2002    

Diving Deeper
10 -17 March, 2002

Can we explore further?
Can we help kids to discover more?

Ideas for Teachers

A few ideas that you may wish to include.

  1. Research your favourite creature - how does it live?
  2. Debating topics - "All sharks should be killed" or "Shark netting should be allowed"
  3. Invite a marine scientist or Fisheries Officer to give a presentation.
  4. Design a new creature which has many special features.
  5. Art activities - crayon drawings with a light-blue wash.
  6. Write a fish/creature Dreaming story.

Getting help
Our MESA State Delegates are very keen to help you

Register your activity or event online for a free Gould League Booklet of ideas

View the Seaweek 2002 Events Listing

Download the MESA Seaweek 2002 Marine Activities Booklet

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