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  Seaweek 2002    

Diving Deeper
10 -17 March, 2002

Can we explore further?
Can we help kids to discover more?

Some Ideas

  1. Water Testing - monitoring - surveying what's in it?
  2. Dune Planting
  3. Drain Stencilling
  4. Litter pick-up
  5. Tell others about our special creatures and how we can care for our environment.
  6. Write letters - to your local member of Parliament to lobby for changes, for example, more coastal protection, dune fencing, planting native species.
  7. Making Displays and Posters about our marine life.
  8. Drama Plays at Assemblies - showing how to care for catchments and coasts.
  9. Have Class Meetings to decide what you will do

Getting help
Our MESA State Delegates are very keen to help you

Register your activity or event online for a free Gould League Booklet of ideas

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Download the MESA Seaweek 2002 Marine Activities Booklet

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