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Freshwater Sawfish (Pristis Microdon)

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Freshwater Sawfish
Freshwater Sawfish Freshwater Sawfish Freshwater Sawfish crosses the path of a Blacktip Reefshark Freshwater Sawfish with
a ray in the foreground
The sharks and rays above were photographed at the Predator Exhibit, Reef HQ Aquarium, Townsville
Eye and spiracle Freshwater Sawfish Freshwater Sawfish Freshwater Sawfish
Rostrum Rostrum    
These images courtesy Cairns Marine Aqaurium and Triggerfish Images
An inquisitive Freshwater Sawfish approaches the bank after being tagged. Measuring a Freshwater Sawfish prior to release. A Freshwater Sawfish after receiving an oxytetracycline antibiotic injection. Matt Vickers pulls a Freshwater Sawfish out of the water.
Matt Vickers holds the end of a Freshwater Sawfish's rostrum. Matt Vickers releases a tagged freshwater sawfish. Matt Vickers holds up a Freshwater Sawfish prior to tagging and release. Striling Peverell and Kate Masters from Southern Gulf Catchments show off a freshwater sawfish captured in the Leichhardt River.
Matt Vickers releasing a 2.2meter freshwater sawfish with an acoustic tag in the Leichhardt River . Wade applies an internal acoustic tag to a freshwater sawfish in the Leichhardt River. Stirling Peverell with another fine example of a Leichhardt River freshwater sawfish. Untangling the rostrum of a Freshwater sawfish captured in a survey net.

A freshwater sawfish just
prior to release.

Stirling Peverell releases a tagged freshwater sawfish in the Leichhardt River .    
These images courtesy Matthew Vickers, Projects Officer Southern Gulf Catchments, Mount Isa Qld.

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