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  Seaweek 2001    

Ocean Culture - People and the Sea
11-18 March, 2001

What's happening?

By January 31 2000, 500 MESA members past and present and 11,000 Primary and Secondary Schools and their teachers will
  • know the date and theme by way of an advertising poster
  • have a background reading paper on the theme and ideas
  • have the opportunity to register electronically on the MESA web site and see what others in their states are doing
  • receive a poster advertising - A Gutful of Plastic highlighting the effects of plastic on sea creatures

By March 30 2001, 50 MESA members past or present and 300 schools with an average of 20 children per school will have cleaned an Australian beach of plastic litter and highlighted to their local media that this plastic causes to marine animals to die.P

Project Plan
Seaweek is the major project of MESA Members and next year will follow a similar pattern to this years.

Find out what kileed a Bryde's whale near Cairns this year
A Gutful of Plastic

National Mailout
(Organised by Wet Paper)15,000 copies of two colour posters are to be produced:

  • one advertising the theme and dates
  • and the other advertising problems of plastic in the environment.

11,000 of each are to be posted to schools, 500 to be posted to State Reps.

There will also be 15,000 copies of the A3 Exploring the Theme and Registration form sheets. 11,000 folded to DL envelope size and posted to schools, 500 A4 folded flat to be posted to State Reps.

View the poster
Top of poster

State based Events (Organised by State Reps)
Upon receipt of the posters and the Behind the Theme Information sheets, State reps use their State Grant of $500 and the MESA web site to do what they can to organise an event for Seaweek. This is the first time state reps have done this so 2001 is a trial.
Exploring the theme
Behind the Theme
- Information sheets

Registration (organised by BriTer Solutions)
Schools and MESA members register with Billy Harass by email and their event is posted on the MESA Web site.


Schools Seaweek Kit production (Organised by the Gould League and Wet Paper)
Each kit will contain two folded A2 posters, 1 x 8 page primary schools activities sheets, 1x 8 page secondary activities sheets, flyers of marine education materials and sponsors' brochures

Distribution of Kits (Organised by the Gould League)
Upon registration Peter forwards emails to Anna Cooke - Gould League who will add them to the Seaweek database (we had just under 300 registrations last year) and organise the mail out of activity sheets and sponsors brochures

For more information
about Seaweek 2001
contact your MESA
State Delegate

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