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Octopuses, Squid, Cuttlefish, Nautilus

Cephalopods, including the octopuses, squid and cuttlefish.are a class of mollusc. Some have a hard external shell, but most do not. They are marine predators eating fish, worms, crustaceans, and other molluscs.

The Cephalopod Page
Developed by Dr. James B. Wood and hosted by Dalhousie University. This site is regarded as the best Cephalopod site on the web. A good place to start but lacks diagrams and photos.

Enchanted Learning - Cephalopods

It looks at: Blue Ring Octopus, Giant Squid, Cuttlefish. Octopus and Squid

Not as much detail as some of the other EL sites but still a good resource. A good place for basic, easy to understand information for Middle Years students.

Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish: The Cephalopods

From the National Aquarium in Baltimore
Quite interesting text suitable for students but let down by its lack of illustrations.

In Search of Giant Squid
From Ocean Planet Exhibition Smithsonian Museum Natural History

Major topics covered are: From Myth to Reality, Compare the Giant Squid with Another Large Squid, How is a Squid Like a Snail, Squid: The Inside Story, Pictures from the Exhibition.

An excellent site for students, well written and illustrated.

Tree of Life web project

This site is quite complex and is more suited to older students and techers. It looks in detail at the classification of Cephalopods.

For teachers

Science Web Quests - SQUID
A Web Quest for students. Students work on an online worksheet with links to sources of answers. Some useful links here.


Cephalopods in Action
Video clips ofsome remarkable deep-sea squid. Around 1.5 to 2 Mb each.

The Octopus Show
From PBS Nature TV
A 1.43 min Real video clip showing octopus camouflage and other behaviour.

More Information

How Squid change colour
A short and interesting presentation.

Octopuses are Smart Suckers!
An interesting article which looks at the intelleigence of octopuses. From "The Cephalopod Page" site.

Predators of Cephalopods
A lot of useful information but not illustrated.

Fun and Food

Fun and Games
For kids, try Squidmail, Squid Dancing, Shooting Gallery, Roulette and an interesting collection of images.

Squid recipes

E.g. Calamari Salad and Baked Squid

Super Squid Recipes from Western Fisheries
An Australian site with many recipes ranging from Plain Gorgeous Squid Rings to Stir Fried Squid with Herbs and Spinach.

20,000 Tentacles under the Sea - Cephalopods in Cinema

"Octopuses and squids, usually of the giant variety, have long figured prominently in movies. They are usually portrayed as 'monsters of the deep' with insatiable appetites for human flesh, reaching gigantic proportions, able to drag down ships or submarines with ease, and use hardhat or SCUBA divers for appetizers or dessert." From "The Cephalopod Page" site.

Squid Dissections


An excellent resource written for Grade 4 but easily useable right through to Year 7 or 8. Has A Squid FAQ, labelled diagrams, student worksheet and even a recipe!


A lesson plan for Grades 5/6 on a squid dissection activity.

Describes a squid dissection for Grade 5 with plenty of photos.

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