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Jaap's Marine Mammal Pages

Dolphin Basics has detailed information which is enhanced by the use of many explanatory diagrams. It also has limited info on individual species. It has a small collection of photos as well and many other sections.

Information about Dolphins
Has quite detailed information and quite a few photographs on every species of dolphin and porpoise with information on classification, distribution, local names, description, recognition at sea, habitat, food and feeding, behaviour, longevity, Estimated Current Population and the The Influence of Man.

Very little general info about dolphins. You can even get Whales and Dolphins screensaver.For: Sec Schools to adult.

Enchanted Learning ALL ABOUT WHALES!
Dolphins and Whales both belong to the group Cetacea and this site has some good information on these animals. Has drawings not photographs. After the general intro go to Dolphins - http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/whales

For the younger kids they've even got Doplphin Connect the dots, Dolphin Anatomy: Label Me! and more. The ste also has information on many other plants and animals. Other marine topics are sharks and oceans. For: Lower primary to adult.

SeaWorld Busch Gardens - Bottlenose Dolphins, A Sea World Education Department Resource
SeaWorld Busch Gardens has information on following areas:
Scientific Classification; Habitat and Distribution; Physical Characteristics; Senses; Adaptations for an Aquatic Environment; Behavior; Diet and Eating Habits; Reproduction; Birth and Care of Young; Communication and Echolocation; Longevity and Causes of Death; Conservation; Books for Young Readers; Bibliography. For: Middle Sec Schools to adult.

A Dolphin FAQ

Find out if dolphins sleep, how old do they get, how fast they can swim and much more.

For fascinating facts about cetaceans from largest appetite to longest song go to:

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society site also has info on River Dolphins - Beaked Whales - Porpoises - Oceanic dolphins - Beluga & Narwhal - Sperm Whales. The site has much more from Adopt a Dolphin Campaign to Sightings, Strandings and Expeditions.

For teachers

Coral Reefs Resource Guide
from Scott Aquarium

"This manual is a compilation of some of the finest teaching activities available on coral reefs, gathered from around the globe. Teachers will find exercises and projects for students in grades four through eight which can be integrated into all disciplines of learning."

An excellent teacher resource, it contains over 50 well illustrated and presented pdf files of activities and information.


ThinkQuest(98) Dolphins: The Oracles of the Sea

The site covers Evolution, Taxonomy, and Species; Anatomy; Behaviour;The Relationship Between Humans and Dolphins. It has quite detailed and sometimes complex info on all of the above areas. Althought there are no images in the text eplanations there are quite good photo, diagram and media (sound and video) libraries. For: Upper Primary to adult.

Everything Dolphins
Everything dolphins is not quite what it's name says! It has mny features rom a dolphin store to Tuna Companies to Web Tools.

If you are after dolphin sound files this is a good place to start with, there are 38 of them. Otherwise the site is disappointing, for example there is a non-functional slide show, out of date Dolphin News, a few links to dolphin screensavers and desktop themes.

More information

Dolphins and Porpoises from The Marine Mammal Centre (Education)

Has about 4 screens of text about these mammals and also a lot of info on seals, sea otters, whales,manatees and polar bears including endangered species. For: Upper Primary to adult

Dolphin Research Institute - Bottlenose dolphins
Information on the following areas: "About Bottlenose Dolphins", "The Senses", "Australian Bottlenose Dolphins", and "Threats facing dolphins". Also has a general section on Cetaceans covering: "What are Cetaceans?", "Where do you find cetaceans?", "Threats to Cetaceans ","Fishing and Cetaceans", and "Tourism". Both have text with photographs with some good pop up "Did you knows?"

The site also has info about the Dolphin Research Institute, its research programs, the Adopt-a-Dolphin proram,the McDonald's™ Community Dolphin Watch program and more.

North Island (New Zealand) Hector's Dolphin
North Island (New Zealand) Hector's Dolphin - information on the world's smallest and rarest marine dolphin. Includes an area to record sightings. In conjunction with WWF-NZ

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