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Corals and reefs

Corals and Coral Reefs
A Sea World Education Department Resource



Topics covered: Scientific Classification, Habitat and Distribution, Physical Characteristics, Senses, Adaptations for an Aquatic Environment, Diet and Eating Habits, Reproduction, Anatomy and Physiology, Coral Reefs, Reef Ecosystem, Longevity and Causes of Death, Conservation of the Coral Reef, Appendix, Classification, Bibliography, Books for Young Readers.

A very useful introduction, well written and illustrated.

Enchanted Learning

Great illustrations of coral reef animals for printing and coloring. Also includes brief information about coral reef ecosystems and species.

About Coral Reefs
Major topics are: Why Should I Care?, Threats to Coral Reefs and How Can I Help?

A short introduction to the area. They also have a number of downloadable Fact Sheets.

Discovery Channel - Life on the Reef
Follows a marine biologists expedition to the Bahamas. "Dive the Reef" with a slide show of creatures from the different reef zones.

An Introduction to Coral Reefsl
Covers coral anatomy. types of coral reefs. zooxanthellae. coral feeding. coral reproduction. coral diseases. coral bleaching. human caused threats to coral reefs. common Caribbean corals. animals associated with coral reefs.

A lot of good information but not illustrated.

How the Great Barrier Reef was formed

School Resource Series
Preface, 20,000 years ago, 13,000 years ago, Present time, Glossary of terms

An interesting little presentation.

For teachers

Coral Reefs Resource Guide
from Scott Aquarium

"This manual is a compilation of some of the finest teaching activities available on coral reefs, gathered from around the globe. Teachers will find exercises and projects for students in grades four through eight which can be integrated into all disciplines of learning."

An excellent teacher resource, it contains over 50 well illustrated and presented pdf files of activities and information.


Corals Are Alive!
The Waikiki Aquarium of Hawai'i has a live camera on their web site that transmits pictures of three species of living corals. A metric ruler on the left side of the image allows viewers to measure the daily growth rates of the corals.

Watch Coral Grow
A short movie, created by Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert, made with 25 daily shots of an Acropora coral growing in his aquarium. You can see the coral grow about 10 mm in just a few seconds!

Reef Snapshots

The Great Barrier Reef Image Collection comprises over 70,000 spectacular images of reef life and activities. Some of these images are now available on the Web for educational purposes only. Primary, secondary and tertiary students are welcome to use the images shown below for their course assignments. Approval is restricted to this purpose and these images only, and no fee will be charged for using them.


Teaching Unit - 'The Great Barrier Reef and its Coastal Zones'
n this unit, students use an inquiry approach to investigate the Great Barrier Reef and its coastal zone as natural systems, and as places visited and used by people.

Habitat of the Month - Great Barrier Reef
This section covers the following areas: Pressure on the Great Barrier Reef, Pressure on marine turtles, dugongs, seabirds, What can I do to help protect the Great Barrier Reef? and What else can I do?

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