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Online Videos

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Sawfish Community Monitoring Program
Stirling Peverill, a fisheries biologist for the DPI&F in Queensland, talks about why sawfish should be protected and some of the threats to them. He then explains some of the methods used to study them and what they are trying to find out. He then talks about the community involvement in the program. An excellent introduction to the topic.

Getting the kids involved
Stirling Peverill working with students at a remote school.

Researching the green sawfish
This video shows researchers taking various measurements and collecting samples from a green sawfish in the shallows.

Stirling and students


Tag and release of a narrow sawfish
Explains the processes involved in tagging and releasing a sawfish.

Catching a sawfish
Catching a sawfish can be dangerous. Find out how this is safely done by researchers in the field.

Acoustic Tagging Sawfish
This video shows how an acoustic tag is placed into a sawfish. The tag will acoustically ping for over twelve months.

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