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Northern Right Whales

This site provides information on the worlds rarest species of whale, the Northern Right Whale which has a total world population of less than 300. Find out more about this whale, explore what can be done to help protect the few remaining, investigate biology and hear their sounds.

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Oceana''s Marine Life Encyclopedia

Oceana''s marine life encyclopedia contains easily digestible information about more than 500 fascinating marine creatures, from the acorn barnacle to the zebra shark, and many of them are accompanied by stunning photos as well.

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Oceania Project

The Oceania Project is a non-profit research and education organisation dedicated to raising awareness about Cetacea and the Oceans. They are undertaking a long term study of humpback whales in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia in conjunction with the Queensland Department of Environment. The website is an image rich educational and informational resource for Humpbacks and Cetacea. A new section on the humpback migration is located at: http://www.oceania.org.au/whales/education/migration/title.html

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Oceans Alive

Celebrating our marine diversity and exploring ways in which we can save our oceans. Includes:

- Whale dreams
About whales and whale spotting in Australia - including an interactive map to log your own sightings

- Jewels of the sea
Highlighting some of Australia's top marine biodiversity areas

- Cool wet facts
Some things you may not have known about the oceans and what lives in them

- Seal training
How seals are trained - and how animals learn complex tasks

- Beachcomber
Highlighting schools with online sites covering matters

- Marine sea rangers
Ask about anything to do with marine plants and animals

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Plankton Net

Zooplankton scurry around your screen as you get caught in the Plankton Net. Practice virtual limnology in the Great Lakes with the tools of your choice and see what you strain from the water or scoop off the bottom. Warren Currie, formerly a graduate student at the University of Guelph in Ontario, has set up this playful site to show off his research and teach his visitors a bit about oceanography. It's well worth a trip.

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