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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority - This site has information on Shipping Safety, Marine Environment Protection, Search and Rescue and much more.

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ASISTM - Science in the Aqua Zone

This site is the home of a major federal grant program supported by many major organisations. There are three school clusters involved in the program, so find out what each cluster is doing to design innovative marine education science experiences for both students and teachers!

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Australian Greenhouse Office website

Australian Greenhouse Office

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Australian Institute of Marine Science Reef monitoring

Have you ever wondered where the crown-of-thorns starfish occurred during 1999? Or which areas of the Great Barrier Reef have the highest abundance of coral trout? Or how much coral there is on Lizard Island and how it has changed over the last 10 years?

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Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

A great website to see what the Institue is involved in.

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