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National Oceans Office

Australia''s Oceans Policy was launched in December 1998 to manage 16 million square kilometres of oceans between 3 and 200 nautical miles from the coast - Australia''s Exclusive Economic Zone.

Australia''s Oceans Policy sets out a vision of Healthy oceans cared for, understood and used wisely for the benefit of all, now and in the future.

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Ocean Watch and SeaNet

Ocean Watch Australia Ltd. is an environmental, non-government organisation sponsored by the commercial seafood industry to represent the environmental interests of industry with respect to protecting and restoring fish habitats, improving water quality and promoting sustainable fisheries.

Our Vision is to achieve sustainability in the seafood industry by improving aquatic habitats and commercial fishing activities, working with government, industry and the community through activism, education and advice.

SeaNet is an environmental fisheries extension program to the Australian seafood industry.

Through partnerships with fishers, researchers and managers, SeaNet facilitates the development and adoption of fishing gear, technology and methods aimed at minimising the catch of non-target species (bycatch) and improving the ecological sustainability of fishing.

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Savage Seas - PBS

This companion site to the new PBS series offers a collection of informative pieces and activities centered around the world's oceans.

The site is divided into four principal sections, each of which features an article, brief sidebars, video clips, and in some cases, animations. The first, The Captain's Bridge, explores shipwrecks, stormy seas, and ocean rescues. The second, The Crow's Nest, dives into the power of waves.

The Deep Sea section takes users to the nether regions of the ocean, while The Weather Factory touches on cyclones, ice and icebergs, and El Nino. Additional features at the site include Ask the Expert, Facts from the Sea, an annotated collection of related sites, and information about the series.

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Shipping by sea

This site examines the world''s oceans, seas and major rivers. It contains much valuable information about these. Well worth looking at!

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