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Monterey Bay Aquarium - USA

"Every day, our actions affect the marine world. And changes there can have profound effects on our daily lives.

The aquarium tells the stories of life in the bay in order to stimulate a sense of stewardship towards the bay and the oceans beyond. These are things we care deeply about. We encourage you to get involved in marine conservation issues. It's up to each of us to work to ensure that tuna continue their wondrous journeys, that the oceans remain healthy and full of life. The future of our planet--our future--depends on it."

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Phillip Island Penguin Parade

For information about Little Penguins including Management, Virtual Museum and Current Research.

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Reef HQ

Reef HQ website has been recently updated (Jan 2005)

Reef HQ offers a fascinating one-of-a-kind experience in the world''s largest living coral reef aquarium.

Step in and get face-to-fin with fantastic creatures from the Great Barrier Reef.

Our innovative and interactive coral reef aquarium will captivate school classes with its educational exhibits and programs. Students experience a simulated trip from the surface of the ocean to the ocean floor viewing and learning about the fascinating adaptations and interactions of the animals that inhabit these areas.

Investigate cyclones, colour, light and food webs and check out the interactive zone where kids of all ages can get a hands-on look at the more curious creatures of the Reef.

Find out more about how an exciting, interactive and outcomes-based learning program can be provided for you at Reef HQ!

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South Australian Whale Centre

Since being officially opened by (then) Premier Dean Brown on 3rd July 1994, the South Australian Whale Centre at Victor Harbor has continued to be the focus of whale related activity across southern Australia. Formerly a private business, the Centre is now proudly operated by the City of Victor Harbor. Thousands of people have visited this unique and constantly developing attraction, housed in a restored 130 year old heritage building in the heart of Victor Harbor.

The Centre''s three fascinating floors of displays cover Whaling History and Heritage, the World of the Whales and the Coastal Environment, with numerous hands on opportunities for all ages.

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