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Whale Quest

Students investigate the features and needs of southern right whales and
develop their understanding of human interdependence, the connections between living things, people and natural environments.

This unit immerses students in interactive tasks and multimedia. The enquiry structure is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.
The unit uses ICT tools to deliver information and activities as well as communicate new knowledge and understanding. Students will need regular “hands-on” time to explore the web pages and complete their slides.

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WhaleNet-Interactive Edducation

WhaleNet presents real-time satellite tagging data (and archived data on over 100 animals) on seals, whales, sea turtles, etc. for educational use. Curricular materials and information on marine mammals is also available on site.
Photos, movies, informational and analysis links, and more.

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Whales Online

Everything you need to know about whales.

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By watching the whales you can prolong the life of cetaceans as a species . This may be the last chance before they say goodbye for this Planet. This is a highly awarded site with much to offer.

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Zooish - Where the animal world comes to life

Zooish has information inside to help parents, teachers, and kids learn about the Animal Kingdom, Nature, and Earth Sciences including animal sounds and animations.

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