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The Rocky Shore 1999

An Internet Based Project For K - 3 Classes (from NZ)

An interesting site for infant primary classes. (Check out the puzzle pages)

Report Bad Link -- Link verified : 20-2-2002

UTS Facebook Marine Biology for Schools

UTS Marine Biologists want to inspire people to follow in their footsteps and hope that by sharing their research and experiences everyone can learn about the fabulous world that lies beneath.

Report Bad Link -- Link verified : 3-11-2010

Victorian Association for Environmental Education

VAEE supports and promotes the development of environmental education in schools and the community. It does this through delivering its own initiatives and encouraging and supporting individuals and other groups whose environmental education approaches are consistent with its own.

Report Bad Link -- Link verified : 29-7-2004

Wetpaper Publications

Noted publishers of marine and environmental education materials, Wetpaper publications was founded by MESA councillor Bob Moffat.

Report Bad Link -- Link verified : 20-2-2002

Workshop Manual for Teachers

Workshop Manual for Teachers

Report Bad Link -- Link verified : 20-2-2002
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