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Nature Biotechnology

Biotechnology section of Nature magazine. Searchable archives. Access to table of contents only unless registered subscriber to the magazine. Genetics, genetic technology.

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New Internationalist magazine

New Internationalist is concerned about the long term sustainability of the environment and of the communities that enjoy it. We are working to build a strong constituency for environmental and social justice.

New Internationalist has a comprehensive index to the magazine back issues available on the Internet. Many of our indexed entries are relevant to your work and campaigns.

The New Internationalist is an independent monthly not-for-profit magazine that reports on action for global justice. We believe in putting people before profit, in climate justice, tax justice, equality, social responsibility and human rights for all. We support minority groups and producers by selling their fair trade and organic products in our shop, and also like to blog and keep people in the loop via monthly email newsletters. We also have a mobile version of our site.

Some of the relevant index entries are:

Climate change: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/climate-change.htm

Sustainability: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/sustainability.htm

Biodiversity: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/biodiversity.htm

Oceans: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/oceans.htm

Fish: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/fish.htm

Fishing: http://www.newint.com.au/magazine-guide/fishing.htm

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New Scientist: Planet Science

The on-line version of New Scientist. You will need to register to use it, but registration is free and there is a huge amount of up-to-date information about happenings in the world of science. This site is graphically intensive.

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New South Polar Times

"The New South Polar Times is a newsletter written by the staff of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, South Pole, Antarctica. ... this Internet newsletter provides students and teachers around the world with information on Antarctica, the scientific research taking place there, and fun facts about life at the station."

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Popular Science Magazine

News in science & technology.

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