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Marine Zone
Eastern Warm Temperate Zone

The various animals and algae found in the Marine Zone are not adapted to spending any of their life cycle in the intertidal zone. If they are observed here, it is usually an accident that they are there.

Some animals come in at high tide as predators of intertidal species. Many carnivorous fish and decapod crabs fit into this category. A large range of algae are found in the Marine Zone.

Graphic of the Tidal Zones on a rocky ocean shore

This web site will not be looking at the animals and algae species found in the seas and oceans off the south-eastern Australian coast.

At this set of web pages we have been looking at the creatures and algae which live between high and low tide levels along the Eastern Warm Temperate Zone of the south-eastern shores of Australia.

Graphic of the Biogeaographical Zones of Australia


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Davey, K. (1998) A Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia. New Holland, Sydney.


Tidal Levels

Splash-Fringe Level
The Tidal Zone
High-Tide level
Mid-Tide Level
Low-Tide Level
Low fringe Level
Marine Zone

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