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Evolution, is a complex of processes by which living organisms, including animals, plants, fungi, etc. have diversified and become increasingly modified through sustained changes in form and function through millions of years.

The earliest known fossil organisms are single-celled forms resembling modern bacteria. These date from about 3.4 billion years ago.

Evolution has resulted in successive radiation of new types of organisms, many of which have become extinct, but some of which have developed into the present fauna and flora of the world.

Extinction and diversification continue today. Taxonomy is our attempt to bring order to the various forms of creatures that exist, or have existed, on the Earth.

Click on the following groups to explore the animals and algae contained within the various Phyla that are found on rocky ocean shores of south-eastern Australia in the Eastern Warm Temperate Biogeographic Zone.

Over time, many of the animals and algae found on ocean shores from all around Australia will be added to this list.

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