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Murex Shells - Family Muricidae

Almost all Murex shells, including the thaids, live among rocks and corals, many of them in the intertidal zone. Most are tropical, but some occur in southerly temperate waters.

These carnivorous molluscs feed on other molluscs, including limpets, bivalves, oysters, as well as barnacles.

Thaids have thick, solid shells with a strong sculpture of spines, nodules or spinal ribs.

The most common representatives from the intertidal zone are:

Small photo of a Mulberry WhelkMulberry Whelk, Morula marginalba


Small photo of a Cart-rut Shell Cart-Rut Shell, Dicathais orbita
(including D. textilosa, and D. aegrota

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Murex Shells

Cart-Rut Shell
Mulberry Whelk

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