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Molluscs - Tritons,Whelks & Spindle Shells
Tritons - Family Cymatiidae

Most Tritons and Trumpet Shells are tropical, but there are a few southern temperate species. Most Tritons are thick shelled, with a thick, heavy sculpture of spiral ribs and nodules. When alive, the shell is covered with a thick periostracum which covers and disguises the colourful shell. Tritons are carnivorous, and local species are known to eat the sea-squirt Cunjevoi.

The most common representative from the intertidal zone of south-eastern Australia is:

Small photo of a Spengler's Rock WhelkSpengler's Rock Whelk, Cabestana spengleri


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Tritons, Whelks
& Spindle Shells

Spengler's Rock Whelk

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