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Top Shells - Family Trochidae

The Trochid family is very large and includes several subfamilies, many genera and hundreds of species, quite a few which are intertidal. The Trochid family includes the Top Shells, Kelp shells and Periwinkles.

The shells of Top Shells are cone-shaped, sometimes turban-shaped or pyramidal, or lens-shaped or oval-shaped. They all have an inner, thick, glossy to iridescence, nacreous layer inside the shell opening.

They have a simple outer lip. The calcareous operculum is round, with a spiral pattern and composed of horny material.

Top Shells are herbivorous, and are usually gregarious. Many prefer to live in algae or algae-covered rocks in shallow water.

Trochids have separate sexes and most species expel sperm and eggs into the water for external fertilisation. In some other species the female lays a gelatinous egg-mass, within which occur the early stages of larval development.

Some examples of Top Shells are:

Small photo of a Zebra Top ShellZebra Top Shell, Austrocochlea porcata. The common black-and-white stripped globe-shaped shell found at mid-tide levels around south-eastern and southern Australia.

Small photo of a Ribbed Top ShellRibbed Top Shell, Austrocochlea constricta, the common buff-coloured and ridged shell found at mid-tide levels of southern Australia.

Small photo of a Wavy Top ShellWavy Top Shell, Austrocochlea concamerata, with its flatter shell, more numerous ribs and yellow-spotted or streaked interior. It prefers to hide in cracks and gutters.

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