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Omnivores are a group of animals that are not specialised in their feeding preferences. They will eat virtually anything they can find.

Small photo of an Eight-armed SeastarThe Eight-armed Seastar, Patriella calcar, will eat algae, small molluscs and crustaceans, as well as the remains of dead animals.

Other animals are scavengers, and eat any debris they can find lying on the shore. Crabs such as the Ghost Crabs, Ocypode cordimanna, of the eastern and northern coasts, and the Burrowing Shore Crab, Leptograpsus octodentatus, of southern shores, amphipods and isopods such as the Marine Slater, Ligia australiensis, Sea Gulls, Larus novaehollandiae, as well as visiting Australian Ravens, Corvus corinoides, will eat the remains of dead animals such as the carcasses of Muttonbirds, and fish, thrown onto the shore by the waves.


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