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Corded Siphon Shell, Siphonaria funiculata


Photo of a Corded Siphon ShellThe Corded Siphon Shell is a conical, elevated siphon shell with a sharp-pointed apex and numerous irregular, flat radial ribs with varying spaces between. The shell margin is crenulated and the siphonal groove is indistinct.


The Corded Siphon Shell has a brown shell with white ribs outside and shiny chocolate brown with a paler spatula inside.




Reeve, 1856




20-25 mm length


Distribution map of a  Corded Siphon ShellThe Corded Siphon Shell ranges from southern Queensland, around the southern shores to Adelaide, South Australia, including Tasmania.


It occurs on rocky shores at high-tide level on rock faces and overhangs, generally lower than Van Dieman's Siphon Shell, Siphonaria diemenensis in the southern parts of its range across southern Australia. Found on many open coasts, where it may be the dominant siphon shell on some south-eastern shores.


There is a great deal of controversy over the classification of Siphon Shells. Most early researchers only used shell characteristics to distinguish between the species. Bill Rudman, of the Australian Museum, Sydney, considers that we should use the colour of the living animal as the prime identifier.


It is also known as Siphonaria virgulata.

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