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Touch tank at Queensliff MDC

In this section we bring you information about various major marine education resources around Australia. These may be places, virtual places (internet) or even people.


Marine Discovery Centres provide a focal point for marine and coastal environmental education in the local environment and much further.

Their presence encourages greater community ownership and stewardship of the local marine environment and they can showcase positive environmental achievements.

MDCs and educators
Star of the Sea School MDC, Henley Beach Adelaide SA.
MDC, Queenscliff, Victoria
MDC, Woodbridge District High School, Tasmania
MDC, Bondi Beach, NSW
Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (SCMDC)
Adventure Education - Marine Environments Field Study and Resource Centre
Oceans Alive Marine Education Programs
Marine Education Organisations
The Australia Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA)
The Australian Marine Education Alliance (AMEA)
Curriculum Resources
SA Marine & Coastal Education Framework
Wet Paper - Marine Ed Publishing and Consulting

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