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Fish fact file

Fish come in thousands of shapes and sizes with amazing adaptations to suit a large variety of marine habitats. They have bony skeletons, a scaly skin, a swim bladder, fins and fused jaws. They use gills to breathe oxygen from the water.

Fish have many ways to find their prey of plants or animals like sight, hearing, lights, electrical currents or detection of movement.

But the ocean is full of predators so fish also have many ways to protect themselves such as hiding, venomous spines, methods to frighten others off, camouflage, schooling or by forming partnerships with other plants and animals.

Create your own fish fact file. Using the following headings.

Fish fact file:

Common Name (eg Phyla/Order/Family)

Key Characteristics (eg distinguishing feature)

Reproduction (eg Sexual Maturity/Season/Method/Frequency)

Physical Characteristic (Length/Weight/Shape/Colour)

Life Style (eg Habitat/Diet/Feeding method/Lifespan)

Distribution (eg Where in Australia/Other oceans/Common/Endangered)

Conservation (eg Lives in Marine Park/Protection or research projects)

Did You Know? (eg Special feature/Amazing fact)

Picture (eg Drawing)

Top text and picture from
Kids and Water, Level 1
Marine Reader Series
Courtesy Wet Paper www.wetpaper.com.au

From the Gould League
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