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Ocean View College

Ocean View College, an R-12 school, is situated on the beachfront of the St. Vincent''s Gulf, with a number of facilities conveniently located within easy access. In 2001, Ocean View College identified a number of elements of Marine Studies, such as Community, Recreation, Employment and the Environment, that could be integrated within the schooling framework.

They have a great website with examples of student-designed marine websites.

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OCEAN98 is an exciting educational challenge, combining ocean -going and virtual expeditions.

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Pelican Expeditions

Pelican Expeditions is an organisation set up to work in marine research and innovative community engagement programs. We built a boat Pelican1, specifically for this purpose.

The vessel was launched in 2004 and we have been delivering programs mainly on the East coast of Australia but have travelled as far as the Solomon Islands for Blue Whale research.

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REVEL - Hydrothermal Vent Research

Follow the research operations at sea on the REVEL web site:

REVEL (Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life). The essence of the REVEL Project is the interaction of highly-motivated science teachers excited for opportunities to engage in science and innovative scientists pursuing cutting-edge research

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School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, James Cook University

"James Cook University is unique in Australasia as the only tertiary institution with a discipline dedicated to specialised training in marine biology. This reflects its location in North Australia which provides access to a variety of tropical marine environments and a planning process that identifies marine science as a strategic growth area.

Marine Biology is a discipline within the School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture and enjoys a close working relationship with other disciplines within the Biological Sciences Group.

The Marine Biology discipline has teaching and research programs which emphasise a whole-organism approach to the study of tropical systems. This provides a unique opportunity for direct hands-on research in an area of relatively undisturbed tropical habitats with their associated biodiversity.

f you are interested in visualising our marine environment please view our slide show the wonders of the coral reef, which highlights the many beauties and curiosities of our local coral reefs."

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