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  Californian Dreaming    
California Dreaming
4th of July in San Diego

Birds and salt marsh at Chula Vista Nature Centre www.chulavistanaturecenter.org

Our first stop for the day was the Chula Vista Nature Centre just south of San Deigo. The Nature Centre is situated in a salt marsh habitat and had both indoor and outside displays.

We then drove to Sea World of San Diego for the afternoon. Joy Wolf (NMEA legend and head of education at Sea World) was our host at Sea World.

Even though it was a public holiday, Joy and her family gave us a fascinating behind the scenes tour of a new Artic exhibit and other Sea World attractions.

We stayed at Sea World that evening and joined 30,000 others to watch 4th of July fireworks. Spectacular.

Next North to Santa Barbara and Monterey ..

Artic display at Sea World of San Diego www.seaworld.com/seaworld/

Anna and Ian with young
corn snakes at Chula Vista

Behind the scenes with a beluga whale
at Sea World
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