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Striped-mouth Conniwink Bembicium nanum


Photo of a Striped-mouth ConniwinkThe Striped-mouth Conniwink's shell is wider than high and is cone-shaped, with a flattened base. The dominant sculpture occurs on the base whorl, where there are about eight low concentric ridges. Other whorls may be smooth, or with small nodules.


Photo of a Striped-mouth ConniwinkThe Striped-mouth Conniwink's shell colour is grey or white with oblique brown and white bands, dominant on last whorl.

The interior is shiny, with dark brown stripes on the outer edge.

The operculum is yellow-brown.




Lamarck, 1822




10 mm diameter


Distribution map of a Striped-mouth ConniwinkThe Striped-mouth Conniwink ranges from southern Queensland, along the New South Wales coast, and across Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia to the Perth region of south-western Western Australia.


It occurs from mid to high-tide levels on exposed rocks and shore platforms.


The Stripe-mouth Conniwink lays bean-shaped jelly egg masses about 2.5 mm long and 1.5 mm wide. The egg masses are attached firmly in groups to the rock surface. Each mass holds 100-200 cream to white-coloured eggs. After 18-28 days the dark-brown larvae reach the veliger stage, where they break free to become part of the plankton. The veliger then drifts around in the ocean for several weeks until it reaches a suitable settling site.


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