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Limestone Shores

Limestone or sand-rock shores are found in parts of Victoria and South Australia and are extensive in Western Australia and in the Northern Territory.

Photo of the limestone shores at Cape Schanke, Victoria

This is Cape Schanck at the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. It is such a spectacular landscape and environment that it is part of the Point Nepean National Park.

Photo of the limestone shore at Pondalowie Bay, Eyre Peninsula, South AustraliaLimestone Shores form distinctively eroded landscapes, becoming twisted and contorted as they are eaten away by weathering and wave power.

These form long, wide horizontal platforms and reefs backed by steep cliffs. Horizontal platforms are uncovered at low tide, while lower limestone reefs are swashed over by waves, even when the tide is at its lowest.

This is Pondalowie Bay in the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.

Limestone shores, with their pitted and broken surfaces, deep gutters and channels, are excellent habitats for many intertidal species.

Photo of sandrock shore at Darwin, Northern Territory

This is the sandstone-beachrock shore at Darwin, in the Northern Territory.

Here there is many metres difference between low and high tide each day. Each day the tide comes in and out for kilometres across the flat, wide shoreline.


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